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Sat Oct 19 09:32:07 EDT 2019

Local Content BPF: Call for contributions on preserving and sharing
local culture, history and content at risk as a result of political
shifts and upheaval

The BPF on Local Content is exploring how the Internet can be used to
preserve local language and cultural heritage, particularly in current
contexts where cultural and linguistic diversity, artefacts and
histories are at risk as a result of political and social shifts and
upheaval. The BPF is putting out a call for contributions to help
understand and expose challenges, and gather examples and best practices
of how digital technologies and the Internet can be used to promote,
preserve and share local culture and content. The BPF would also like to
identify best practices of how to manage and promote the digitisation of
existing analogue content (printed and electronic media, cinema, music,
visual arts etc.) and services.

Please help us by sharing your experience, expertise, concerns,
questions and examples of challenges and responses to those challenges.


There are only 6 questions and we would really appreciate your input.

General information about this BPF is here:

A mailing list for continuing dialogue about this BPF is open for

Thank you!

Carlos A. Afonso
Giacomo Mazzone
Anriette Esterhuysen
co-facilitators of the BPF on Local Content


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