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 Dear All,
Sala has proposed very good points for Discussion to "Re-Organize the IGC CS".
Suggested Points 5-17 has been recorded on the etherpad link: https://pad.riseup.net/p/ZxiEs8bxISS2PzO-IGC-Q4-2019-keep 
EtherPad is live & available to record inputs from every one who would like to suggest other points for the "Re-Organization of the IGC CS".
Hopefully, the same etherpad will be used in upcoming online call being facilitated by Coordinators. 

Thanking you and Best Regards
Imran Ahmed Shah

   On Friday, 4 October 2019, 19:15:16 GMT+5, Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro <governance at lists.riseup.net> wrote:  
 Dear All,
   - Thank you to the previous Coordinators Arsene and Bruna for the past calendar year(s) and for taking us forward till now.
   - Congratulations to the newly elected coordinators Bruna and Sheetal and to all those that stood in the elections and to the wider community for the elections.
   - Thank you to the Returning Officers, Ian and Tapani who were involved in facilitating the elections.
   - Thank you to Imran and Farzaneh for managing the Technical Team and the Technical team that helped move things swiftly. 
   - I would like to encourage the Coordinators to facilitate dialogue within the IGC of strategic initiatives that it would like to be involved in for this calendar year such as the IGF 2019, IGF 2020, Human Rights Council, get the IGC accredited if need be.
   - Identify key thematic areas which we would like to focus on as the IGC and develop a Strategic Development Framework for engagement.Identify critical aspects of public policy that impact global public interest that may be relevant for IGC engagement from the WTO, WIPO, ETSO, ISO, ITU-T, ITU-R, IETF, NROs (such as APRICOT etc).
   - Identify how we can input into the IGF intersessionals such as the various Best Practice Forums and the Dynamic Coalitions currently and for next calendar year. If you have to create Working Groups and Leads etc.
   - To ensure that the Calendar is published and has dates on next call for elections, when the elections will take place.
   - Put in place an Appeals Team for the IGC consistent with the Charter;
   - Call for wide input into the 2020 IGF Themes for consideration by the MAG at the first Open meeting.
   - Identify and call for consolidated input from the IGC to the High Level Panel Report so the IGC can make submissions and a Statement at the IGF in Berlin.
   - Once we are sorted on where we stand in terms of strategic engagement, identify areas for collaboration with the other stakeholder communities such as the Technical community, Private Sector, and Public Sector.
   - Those are thoughts for now.
   - The Draft Statement that I had put on the list which was not acted on is an example of how to make calls for collaboration on Statements and usually we use an etherpad but that is for you to work out with the Technical community. I will encourage you to be swifter in responding to calling for consensus. The Draft that I sent to Bruna at the time was not actioned and is moot. These are things that as coordinators you can improve on for future.
   - I would also encourage you as coordinators to take criticism as not an attack on persons but on process and to be flexible and use it to become better administrators. 
   - Whilst we are working on collaboration with other civil society stakeholders, we should primarily focus on strengthening the IGC and wake up the sleeping giant so it is a force for good.
   - You got this. You are both capable and well able and we are behind you.
With every best wish,Sala

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