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Thanks Farzaneh
Worthy of participation. Will follow up with the link.

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> Dear all,
> During the G7 Summit on 15 May 2019, France and New Zealand intend to
> invite the world leaders and tech companies to agree to a pledge to eliminate
> terrorist and violent extremist content online. There will be a civil
> society event before the 15 May meeting which is by invitation.
> Regardless of the format of the meeting and whether its output would be
> even effective, Civil Society should collectively take action regarding
> such multilateral attempts and influence the process as much as possible.
> Especially when it comes to content moderation and content regulation, if
> decisions are taken carelessly, we might see the values of the global,
> interoperable Internet be undermined.
> The InternetNZ (the ccTLD registry of New Zealand) aims to facilitate the
> participation of civil society along with the technical community (not
> technology nor platform corporations) in this process hence they have
> issued a call at this link https://internetnz.nz/Christchurch-Call and
> set up an online forum where we can discuss a statement that can be
> presented during the civil society meeting on May 14 in Paris
> <https://www.beehive.govt.nz/release/nz-and-france-seek-end-use-social-media-acts-terrorism>,
> or we can generally have discussions on the forum about this event, how
> civil society and technical community should react to such initiatives and
> whether we should and if so how we can provide input for a process that is
> multilateral. We can also discuss topics that can be raised during the
> civil society meeting on 14 May. Representatives of civil society
> organizations will report around the meeting of 14 May, via the online
> Forum and various civil society mailing lists including IGC.
> Please join the online forum provided by InternetNZ(
> https://internetnz.nz/Christchurch-Call ) and discuss the issue of
> terrorist content moderation online and how it should be tackled. We can
> also have preparatory and consultation meetings before 14 May.
> Best regards,
> Farzaneh
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