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Hi all,

Thought to share this with you all.

This is yet another opportunity the MAG Chair has to engage and speak
for and on behalf of the IGF. I am not sure this is linked somehow to
the conversation we had on this list about the IGF engaging with WEF,
y'all can decide.

A MAG member encouraged Lynn to not only speak about merits,
achievements of the IGF but to also speak of the need for funding the
IGF through the the IGF rust Fund.


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Dear MAG members,

I have been invited by USG Liu Zhenmin (UN-DESA) to participate in a
discussion with the High Level advisory Board (HLAB).  You can see
more about the HLAB here:

I believe this is a good indication of the increasing recognition
across the UN of the contributions the IGF is making.  Will share more
as appropriate.


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