[governance] Launch of Bot Populi at RightsCon

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Tue Jun 11 02:33:42 EDT 2019

Dear colleagues,

You would have received our multiple mailers on this. We write to invite
all of you who are joining us for the JNC satellite event today, to also
join us at the same venue for the official launch of Bot Populi, an
online media space dedicated to thoughtful and meaningful coverage on
all things digital.
This endeavor is a joint effort of seven global organizations and we are
excited to be bringing it to RightsCon.

At 1.30 PM the Carthage-2, at Laico we will be showcasing the website
and talking more about the process behind it and also about how you can
be involved.

Please do join us.
IT for Change team

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