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We may meanwhile also make inquires if the IGF MAG has also considered
possible closer collaboration with the World Social Forum? Or even heard
of it?

Or is the global elite the only port of call and potential partner for
everyone, given of course that they are super rich ,and it is quite
valuable to be with, and on the side of, the super rich.

Would this 'civil society' group like to assess - internally, or if it
feels constained vis a vis various resources to do so, take the help of
external civil society groups -- about what much of global society
thinks of the WEF and associates it with ..

It is not that long back that a good part of IG civil society warmly
embraced  the conspiracy to carry the global anchor of Internet
governance to the WEF, via the WEF / ICANN led Net Mundial Initiative
(different from the Net Mundial Conference in Brazil)..... And if that
effort failed it had almost nothing to do with any resistance from the
civil society, which most (outsiders) may have thought would be the
case, but bec of combination of very different reasons, the technical
community resisted (god bless them!), there was internal big business
associations rivalry (WEF vrs ICC), and  most developing country govs
did not show any enthusiasm. That was an inglorious chapter in IG civil
society's history... Interesting that people are exploring going down
such a route again....


PS; pardon the cynical tone, but could find no better way to make this
intensely political point.

> Hi all,
> Meant to share this document here to have your thoughts about the
> collaboration between the IGF and WEF that MAG Chair is pushing for.
> I would like to hear your thoughts on the questions mentionned at the
> last page of the document.
> Regards,
> Arsene
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> Subject: [IGFmaglist] IGF - World Economic Forum (WEF) Collaboration
> Discussion Document
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> Dear MAG members,
> please find below a document in support of a discussion on possible
> ways to increase collaboration between the IGF community and the World
> Economic Forum (WEF).  It builds on past collaborative efforts and is
> in support of Agenda item 4 in the IGF Open Consultation meeting:
> "Updates from related Internet Governance initiatives and processes,
> followed by open discussion on possible IGF 2019
> activities/collaboration”.
> Thank you to Derek O’Halloran and the WEF staff for their help
> creating this document.
> Best regards,
> Lynn
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