[governance] Fwd: Survey on the ICG/Bestbits Merger

Chris Prince Udochukwu Njoku udochukwu.njoku at unn.edu.ng
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Sala raised a good question.  Bruno needs to clarify, especially with the
presence of this: "Following a call on February 11 with members of
Bestbits, as well as members of IGC, it was agreed that a survey would be
circulated to gather views of all members."  This statement on one hand
means that a survey is to be circulated to the groups in their separate
domains, implying results will be collected separately and later collated.
On the other hand, in the context of Bruno's mail, it can be understood
that IGC members can all the same take the survey BestBits already put in
place, which means results will be directly pooled in one place and,
likely, we won't know if one group doesn't want the merger.

To echo Sala's concern, isn't it better for IGC to conduct its own survey,
as this will help highlight the extent to which any of the groups want or
doesn't want the merger?



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 We mustn't remain with old ways of doing things,

especially if they're not yielding optimum results.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2019 at 10:59 PM "Salanieta T. Tamanikaiwaimaro" <
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> Dear Bruna,
> Wouldn't the Survey be corrupted because it was shared in the Governance
> list instead of restricting it to the Best Bits list. That is if you are
> after feedback from Best Bits?
> Sala
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