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> I do not notice that the MAG chair answered the question, as to which
> side, and specifically who, initiated.
> David

   1. The  MAG Chair had been invited to previous World Economic Forums
   before to speak. The MAG would usually be informed after the fact. The
   invitation would go directly to her in her individual and personal capacity
   but she would report back to the MAG.
   2. It was on a MAG call that I had asked her to include and involve the
   wider MAG to ensure diversity of input.
   3. The proposal for collaboration is not about the merger of the IGF and
   the WEF it is simply understanding that these are two completely different
   platforms as CPU articulated but seeing some level of *syncing issues*.
   4. As for who initiated the collaboration, it is unknown but the WEF
   like many others have been in IGFs as a participant etc.
   5. There is a MAG member who is from WEF although in their individual
   capacity now.

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