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Dear All,

The United Nations Secretary General had convened a High Level Panel on
Digital Cooperation where consultations came to a close. See below:

Dear Salanieta,

On behalf of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, we want to thank
you for your contribution to the consultation phase of our process, which
has just come to a close.

The results of our engagement efforts were extremely rich: we received over 150
written contributions <https://digitalcooperation.org/responses/>, visited
5 global technology hubs, participated in over 60 digital policy forums,
and held hundreds of bilateral meetings with representatives from
government, civil society, industry and academia. Based on the first-hand
feedback and suggestions we received, we identified 9 “enablers” of digital
which the Panel discussed in-depth during their second face-to-face meeting
on 21-22 January in Geneva.

Now, the Panel is drawing on the insights and ideas we heard from you and
other stakeholders to draft its final report, which will focus on improving
digital cooperation in the following areas:

•    Inclusiveness
•    Digital public goods
•    Implementation of values and principles
•    Governance
•    Safety and security
•    Data

In the coming weeks, the Secretariat and Panel members will develop an
advanced draft of the report before meeting again in the spring. In March,
we will test the draft recommendations with stakeholders before the final
report is released in June 2019. We invite you to attend our regular town
hall meetings <https://digitalcooperation.org/events/> on the first Monday
of each month for further updates.

We hope that you will continue to be involved in the process moving
forward. Please let us know if and how you would like to contribute.


Jovan Kurbalija
Co-Lead, Secretariat for the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation


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