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Dear Arsene,

   1. These are thoughts as someone who was on the Multistakeholder
   Advisory Group (MAG) previously and have some historical and institutional
   knowledge of the context.
   2. The MAG had been advocating for openness and transparency in being
   part of the process on collaboration with stakeholders including but not
   limited to  the World Economic Forum (WEF).
   3. There is a need to correct the "assertion that the WEF was singled
   out" nothing could be further from the truth. I am going to suggest to the
   MAG Chair to aside from having her blog to organise virtual town hall
   sessions to ensure that people can ask her things. Part of the past
   criticisms and recommendations towards improving the IGF was to reach out
   to diverse organisations and stakeholders to ensure that there is enhanced
   collaboration and communication and this is not limited to the WEF.
   4. As you know the Internet Governance Form (IGF) is mandated by the UN
   General Assembly Resolution where the Secretariat collaborates with the MAG
   along with a host nation to host the IGF and also with the input of the
   community devise thematic concepts that the global community finds relevant
   so that the call for workshop proposals are made which are graded according
   to a criteria by the MAG and shortlisted.
   5. When these Workshops are facilitated, they each have reports which
   make it to the Chair's Report, along with transcripts. Recommendations
   garnered are consolidated and available to the Public, that is civil
   society, governments and private sector.
   6. Whilst the IGF is a neutral place setting, there have been numerous
   recommendations that have been adopted by organisations, governments,
   private sector and civil society. This has also led to the birthing of
   alliances, new interest groups and enhanced collaboration.
   7. We live in a global borderless world where the internet is
   "everyone's" and no one can claim dominance on the subject even though from
   time to time you will see dog pissing contests where each one wants to mark
   their territory.
   8. There are so many multiple forums, platforms that all want to talk
   about the internet and development whether these are E Commerce Rules
   negotiations within WTO or smart economies in UNCTAD, Regulations within
   the ITU, gTLD and WHOIS policies within ICANN, economic development in WEF,
   intellectual property rights in WIPO or financing as per the Addis Ababa
   9. You see nations, regional governments developing regulation and laws
   that impact basic things like privacy, cyber security or taxation to name a
   10. All these forums and many more have a place to exist within the
   ecosystem. Now more than ever, one can see the increasing importance of the
   work done by the Internet and Jurisdiction Policy Network to explore the
   conflicts and juncture of some of these collaborations and identifying
   11. As for the WEF, it is one of the few platforms where you will
   literally see Heads of State or Prime Ministers attend and some even change
   their approach to governance. For example, NZ Prime Minister Arden who was
   literally impacted from a WEF session and changed her government's approach
   including organising a review of the laws and getting NZ Treasury to
   redefine indicators on wellness based on outcomes from the WEF and drawing
   from OECD Studies and Reports.
   12. We cannot ordinarily change the mechanism in which the WEF organises
   its sessions although we can offer comments unless you have people within
   changing the system but the fact that they are reaching out is a testament
   to the success of the IGF.
   13. We have had to push for MAG Chair to include the WEF prior to
   participation which is what she is literally doing in that she has sent the
   draft for the MAG to comment on and in turn where members can involve their
   constituencies or organisations to input.
   14. There is a member of the MAG from the WEF although to be fair
   individuals are MAG members in their personal capacity.
   15. As for the Draft, I am content with the document and questions.

On Fri, Feb 8, 2019 at 2:14 AM Arsène Tungali <governance at lists.riseup.net>

> Hi all,
> Meant to share this document here to have your thoughts about the
> collaboration between the IGF and WEF that MAG Chair is pushing for.
> I would like to hear your thoughts on the questions mentionned at the
> last page of the document.
> Regards,
> Arsene
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> Dear MAG members,
> please find below a document in support of a discussion on possible
> ways to increase collaboration between the IGF community and the World
> Economic Forum (WEF).  It builds on past collaborative efforts and is
> in support of Agenda item 4 in the IGF Open Consultation meeting:
> "Updates from related Internet Governance initiatives and processes,
> followed by open discussion on possible IGF 2019
> activities/collaboration”.
> Thank you to Derek O’Halloran and the WEF staff for their help
> creating this document.
> Best regards,
> Lynn
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