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> Date: 18 April 2019 at 02:43:14 CAT
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> Subject: [apc.members] Call for travel support for the IGF 2019
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> Dear members,
> We want to share information about an opportunity to apply for funding
> support to attend the IGF 2019 in Germany.  Below are some details that
> we have extracted from the call. Please note that the call for
> applications will be open from 9 April to 30 June 2019.
> https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/supporting-participation-at-the-igf-2019-annual-meeting
> Best,
> Valeria
> ==============
> Supporting participation at the IGF 2019 annual meeting
> Call for Travel Support to attend the 14th annual meeting of the IGF
> The mandate of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) calls for
> strengthening and enhancing of the stakeholder engagement from
> developing ‎countries. It also calls for the Forum to contribute to
> building capacity for Internet governance in ‎developing countries,
> drawing fully on local sources of knowledge and expertise‎.
> During the 13th IGF, the United Nations Secretary-General has called for
> action to increase inclusiveness in the IGF processes. The
> Secretary-General underlined that the IGF must increase its efforts to
> draw upon the “weak and missing voices” into the IGFs work. It was also
> called for a broader multidisciplinary approach, to involve experts not
> traditionally involved in the IGF processes. The community also echoed
> for more inclusion and diversity in the IGF's participation spectrum.
> For these reasons, the IGF 2019 Host Country, Government of Germany,
> will support eligible candidates from developing countries to
> participate at the 14th annual meeting of the IGF from 25 - 29 November
> in Berlin, German. It will also support the participation of the MAG
> members at the MAG meetings and the IGF annual meeting.
> The Call for applications will be open from 9 April to 30 June 2019.
> The Call will support individual stakeholders that: ‎
>     represent any stakeholder group.
>     are from a Least Developed Country, Landlocked Developing Country,
> Small Island ‎Developing State or a Transitional Economy.‎
>     demonstrate interest in Internet governance-related activities.
>     show a demonstrated commitment to contribute to its community after
> participating at the IGF 2019.
> Preference will be given to candidates from underrepresented groups,
> such as: ‎women, indigenous people, persons with disabilities, older
> persons, youth.
> Those requesting partial funding will have preference over others,
> should all ‎criteria be met.‎
> Candidates engaged in programme sessions (e.g. co-organisers, speakers,
> moderators) will be evaluated on a priority and case-by-case basis.
> The IGF Secretariat will also collaborate with the national and regional
> IGF initiatives for conducting a bottom-up process to identify eligible
> candidates that could contribute to their local communities and the IGF
> 2019 process with their expertise.
>     The Call for Travel Support will be announced on the IGF website.
>     The network of national, regional and youth IGF initiatives (NRIs)
> will distribute the Call to their respective communities. The
> multistakeholder organizing committees of the NRIs will invite the
> applicant to submit their expression of interests through submitting an
> online form within the deadline.
>     The NRIs multistakeholder organizing committees will evaluate
> received applications in accordance with above-referenced criteria.
>     The NRIs Organizing Committees will develop a list of all evaluated
> candidates in order of a priority with appropriate justifications and
> submit to the IGF Secretariat for further evaluation.
>     Candidates coming from Governmental stakeholder group will be
> evaluated only by the IGF Secretariat/UNDESA.
>     The IGF Secretariat/UNDESA will review received list from the NRIs
> and make the final decision on granting support, respecting agreed
> principles. The IGF Secretariat may consult the NRIs Organizing
> Committee for advice and will communicate final selection.
>     Before the list is published, it will be communicated to the Host
> Country for a review.
>     The number of selected candidates would be dependent on the funds
> available.
>     The final compositions of participants will be stakeholder,
> regionally and gender balanced.
>     The IGF Secretariat can approach underrepresented stakeholders that
> can enrich diversity of the meeting, with an offer to support their
> participation at the IGF 2019.
>     Open Call for Applications: 9 April 2019
>     Close Call for Applications: 30 June 2019
>     Evaluation: 15 July 2019
>     Announcement of successful applicants: 31 July 2019
> All interested candidates are invited to express their interest through
> a FORM on the IGF website from 9 April to 30 June 2019.
> -- 
> Valeria Betancourt
> Directora / Manager
> Programa de Políticas de Information y Comunicación / Communication and
> Information Policy Programme
> Asociación para el Progreso de las Comunicaciones / Association for
> Progressive Communications, APC
> http://www.apc.org
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