[governance] [bestbits] A Day0 proposal, tentatively submitted as individual by submission deadline.

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Tue Apr 16 09:59:36 EDT 2019

Dear Sheetal,

It was almost midnight, a minute or two before the deadline, when I wrote
as an individual (without having time to bring it up at Bestbits or IGC)
and proposed a Civil Society Day0 event, which is the same as the event you
have proposed, except that instead of a meeting of 30 participants, it says
300 participants, makes an overture for funding / funding assistance from
the IGF.

There are some suggestions on this list that we could work on the
proposal(s) in a shared document. I have opened a Google Document, and for
a start, copied and pasted both proposals and sharing it with both the
lists,  I hope this is alright.


As someone suggested, it is good to have more than one proposal with the
IGF for better chances of approval for at least one of the event. In the
meantime, among the CS participants, some work could be done on the
document to expand the proposal, to discuss the event theme, size of
participation, and to draw up an outreach and other efforts required

Will also sharing the workshop proposal on the CS theme on the relevant

Thank you.

Sivasubramanian M <https://www.facebook.com/sivasubramanian.muthusamy>

On Tue, Apr 16, 2019 at 12:46 AM Sheetal Kumar <sheetal at gp-digital.org>

> Dear all,
> I'm just writing to confirm here that I did submit a proposal for a day
> zero event. It was a bit last minute after Jean reminded us of the deadline
> so apologies that we didn't get to discuss it more. I've copied it below
> the dotted line. Of course we can always arrange a meeting if the proposal
> doesn't get accepted and crowdsourcing the agenda sounds like a good plan!
> Does anyone know when we should expect to hear back?
> -----------------------------------------------------------
> Dear IGF 2019 'Day 0' Event Proposer,
> Thank you for your submission. It is well received with the following
> values:
> Name Contact Person: Sheetal Kumar
> Name of Requesting Organization: Global Partners Digital
> Title of the Event: Civil society coordination meeting
> Short Description of the Event:
> The civil society coordination event will act as a convening and
> collaboration opportunity for civil society groups working on issues
> related
> to internet governance and policy. It will allow groups to discuss issues
> of
> common concern and to identify opportunities for collaboration on issues
> and
> forums. It will also allow the participants to consider issues relevant to
> the IGF agenda and identify what opportunities exist during the IGF where
> civil society can come together to reinforce common positions and thereby
> strengthen the civil society voice in internet governance discussions.
> Estimated Number of Participants Expected to Attend: 30
> Requested Duration for the Event (*Cannot be guaranteed): 5 hours
> Additional Comments:
> If possible, we would like to ensure internet connectivity for remote
> participation and request a room with electrical plugs.
> After the deadline, the IGF Secretariat will inform proposers on the status
> of their requests.
> Please note requests will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis,
> and
> not all event durations may be accommodated.
> For specific questions, please contact Ms. Eleonora Mazzucchi at:
> eleonora.mazzucchi at un.org
> Best regards,
> IGF Secretariat
> On Mon, 15 Apr 2019 at 09:33, Jean F. Quéralt <
> JFQueralt at theiofoundation.org> wrote:
>> Dear Siva,
>> My comment comes from a very simple reality: I am new in the space and my
>> connections and options to involve other organizations is mostly in those
>> two countries. I may be able to facilitate to increase their presence while
>> I doubt I can do much for other regions at the moment.
>> By all means, I would hope that other people do the same in the areas
>> where they can have some positive participation outcomes. I do not have the
>> proper contacts with EFF, Mozilla and other relevant stakeholders. I wish I
>> did. I am talking with many other organizations in the past weeks to
>> encourage them to join the conversation and to attempt some level of
>> organization.
>> As for Germany, yes we should and I have started doing my own list based
>> on our contacts.
>> I was just wondering about where could we be putting all this info
>> (agenda, who are the orgs we are approaching, etc) in a centralized place
>> (an etherpad or G Docs).
>> That could be a way to coordinate that. We identify organizations and ask
>> for people to pick up those they have contact with or refer us so that we
>> can manage the engagement.
>> (This point -the information- leads back to something I've been proposing
>> around: we need a global CRM for CS - More on this as we move on)
>> Best,
>> Jean
>> On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 4:03 PM Sivasubramanian M <6.Internet at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Dear Jean, Sheetal,
>>> Taking your idea of inviting CS organizations from Malaysia and
>>> Philippines (what are their names?) further, why not also work on inviting
>>> some of the constructive CS organizations from within the host country with
>>> help from the host, also from France? Why not seek participation from
>>> Mozilla, EFF and other organizations that pay attention to global issues?
>>> What are the global CS organizations who could bring significant value to
>>> the IGF?
>>> Sivasubramanian M
>>> On Mon, Apr 15, 2019, 6:25 AM Jean F. Quéralt <
>>> jfqueralt at theiofoundation.org> wrote:
>>>> Great. Thx a lot for the initiative :-)
>>>> I'm thinking of ways to bring some orgs from Malaysia and Philippines.
>>>> Been discussing options with my colleagues. I'll contact some potential
>>>> funders to assist them if our petitions get approved to seek for more
>>>> participation of CS in such events.
>>>> Cheers
>>>> Jean
>>>> On April 15, 2019 08:25:42 Sivasubramanian M <6.Internet at gmail.com>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Dear Jean,
>>>>> Wasn't aware of Sheetal's proposal, and couldn't wait to verify if
>>>>> there has been a submission already.  It occurred to me to write a proposal
>>>>> as late as minutes to the deadline. As you suggest, more than one proposal
>>>>> increases the chances of a slot for a Day0 event.
>>>>> Day0 proposal does not require speakers to be identified.  So I have
>>>>> not mentioned any names as speakers. We could add names if the discussion
>>>>> progresses.
>>>>> On Mon, Apr 15, 2019, 5:44 AM Jean F. Quéralt <
>>>>> jfqueralt at theiofoundation.org> wrote:
>>>>>> Hello, Siva.
>>>>>> Sheetal did submit a request yesterday for a similar initiative
>>>>>> although in another format (different assistance expectation, etc).
>>>>>> I'd argue that the more petitions we submit the more chances we have
>>>>>> to get it accepted. Maybe the selection process will merge both.
>>>>>> Sent it asap before the deadline. If need be, you can use me as
>>>>>> "dummy" for the list of speakers and then we figure out who to actually
>>>>>> onboard if it gets shortlisted.
>>>>>> (I'm not the right person to be in the final list)
>>>>>> Cheers.
>>>>>> Jean
>>>>>> On April 15, 2019 07:58:10 sivasubramanian muthusamy <
>>>>>> 6.internet at gmail.com> wrote:
>>>>>>> Hello
>>>>>>> Sharing a Day0 proposal, tentatively submitted as individual, to be
>>>>>>> amended/expanded if useful, and to be owned and organized by the Civil
>>>>>>> Society, if there is support to the idea of a Day 0 CS event, if not
>>>>>>> proposed already.
>>>>>>> Title of the Event: Civil Society Reunion
>>>>>>> Short Description of the Event: Proposed as an event to be passed on
>>>>>>> to be
>>>>>>> 'owned' by a small group of lead-participants from Civil Society, to
>>>>>>> be
>>>>>>> identified. This is a preliminary request, subject to reaffirmation
>>>>>>> by a team
>>>>>>> of organizers to be formed, as a event that would a reunion of Civil
>>>>>>> Society
>>>>>>> participants, mostly from within the IGF space, some to be invited
>>>>>>> from Civil
>>>>>>> Society without. Proposal to be expanded, and if approved as an
>>>>>>> expanded
>>>>>>> proposal, to be organized with a request to the IGF for a meeting
>>>>>>> space with
>>>>>>> good conferencing facilities, preferably in the IGF venue, with
>>>>>>> Internet for
>>>>>>> remote participation, Coffee and lunch or boxed lunch for 300-500
>>>>>>> participants, either as direct/in-kind funding from the IGF, or by
>>>>>>> way of the
>>>>>>> IGF's assistance in securing the required funding, which may be
>>>>>>> around
>>>>>>> $10,000 euros. The event would be organized, tentatively, as a Round
>>>>>>> Table
>>>>>>> discussion on the topic "Stakeholder balance in Internet Governance
>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>> innovation in Business and effectiveness in Governance” Discussion
>>>>>>> to be
>>>>>>> led by discussion leaders from across stakeholder groups, with a
>>>>>>> geographical
>>>>>>> and gender balance.
>>>>>>> Estimated Number of Participants Expected to Attend: 300
>>>>>>> Requested Duration for the Event (*Cannot be guaranteed): 5 hours.
>>>>>>> Sivasubramanian M
>>>>>>> <https://www.facebook.com/sivasubramanian.muthusamy>
>>>>>>> twitter.com/shivaindia
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