[governance] Tech for social good (or evil): Please help me develop a list of topics and resources

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Fri Nov 9 19:48:08 EST 2018

Hi All,

I'm putting together a list of topics and resources in the space of
technology and social good.

I was wondering: Could you help me by recommending readings,
bibliographies, course syllabi, and any other materials that I should
include in my list?


P.S. My current list of topics is included below. Should you find any
missing topics or alternate ways of organizing the list, please let me know.

   - Accessibility/Disability
   - Accountability, Corruption, Openness, and Transparency (e.g., Open
   Data, Open Access, Freedom of Information - FOI)
   - Activism, Protests, and Movements (e.g., Occupy, Anonymous, Hacktivism)
   - Agriculture, Farming, and Food Security (e.g., eAgri, Fishing,
   Mariculture, Aquaponics, Aquaculture)
   - Censorship, Control, Freedom, and Oppression (e.g., Freedom of
   Expression - FoE, Free Speech, NetFreedom, Right to Information - RTI,
   Social Ratings, Surveillance)
   - Conflict, Disasters, and Resilience (e.g., Crisis Mapping, Robotics,
   Cyber Attacks/Defense, Cyber War, Harassment, Hate Crimes, Data
   Espionage/War, Peace, Digital Humanitarianism)
   - Construction, Housing, and Real Estate (e.g., Smart Homes, Internet of
   - Democracy, Politics, Elections, and Voting (e.g., Netroots, Tea Party,
   - Development (e.g., Information and Communication Technologies for
   Development - ICT4D, Tech for Development - Tech4Dev, Global Development -
   - Economics (e.g., Participatory Economy, Peer-to-Peer Economy, Commons,
   Unemployment, Job Creation/Destruction, Consumer Rights,
   Prosperity/Poverty, Holochain)
   - Education (e.g., Information and Communication Technologies for
   Education - ICT4E, Open Education, eLearning, MOOCs)
   - Ethics (e.g., how the design and use values of technology determine
   whether they're used for good or evil)
   - Energy and Power (e.g., Microgrids)
   - Entrepreneurship (e.g., Social Entrepreneurship - socent, Social
   - Environment (e.g., Brownfields, Landfills, Superfund Sites, Climate
   Change, and Land, Water, and Air Preservation)
   - Finance (e.g., Open Banking, Microfinance, FinTech, Blockchain,
   Cryptocurrencies, Participatory Budgeting, Crowdfunding, Holochain)
   - Governance (e.g., eGovernance - eGov, Open Governance - OpenGov,
   Governance 2.0 - gov20, Internet Governance Forum, Civic Tech)
   - Health (e.g., eHealth, mHealth, Telemedicine)
   - Human rights
   - Immigration
   - Inequality & Bias (e.g., Digital Divide, Cost of Living,
   Discrimination, Harassment, Digital Inclusion/Exclusion, Digital
   Equity/Equality, Digital Advantage/Disadvantage)
   - Manufacturing (e.g., Additive Technologies, 3D Printing,
   Do-It-Yourself - DIY, Robotics, Open Innovation)
   - Media (e.g., Journalism, Social Media)
   - Organizing and Organizations (e.g., Nonprofits, Community-Based
   Organizations, Cooperatives, Labor Unions)
   - Physical Spaces and Locations (e.g., Libraries, Coworking Spaces,
   Makerspaces, Hackerspaces, Fab Labs, Tool Sharing Libraries, Smart Cities,
   - Policy and Law (e.g., Policy Innovations, Legal Innovations)
   - Privacy (e.g., Rules, Regulations, Laws, Frameworks)
   - Ethnicity, Gender, and Race
   - Security, Physical or Cyber (e.g., Cybersecurity, Internet of Things,
   Sexual Harassment and/or Violence, Security by Design, Biosecurity)
   - Social Science (e.g., Impact of Technology on People, Organizations,
   and Society, especially Limited Attention Spans, Information Overload, and
   so on)
   - Transportation and Supply Chain on Land, Water, and Air (e.g.,
   Hyperloop, Autonomous Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Drones, Smart
   - Volunteering (e.g., Crowdsourcing, Participatory Mapping)
   - Water Security (e.g., Watersheds, Water Purification)
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