[governance] Civil Society Coordination Meeting - thinking 2019 ahead.

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> Dear all,
> Some of us discussed in both the Best Bits and IGC list the need for a
> Civil Society coordination meeting in light of the few opportunities we had
> to meet while in Paris.
> I believe the idea for this meeting would be for us to discuss Civil
> Society participation and steps forward, as well as identifying a CS
> Calendar for 2019 and possible areas of collective advocacy. (and a
> possible meeting previous to RightsCon, next june)
> For that I have set up this doodle
> <https://doodle.com/poll/23z58b8qz4mnn3gm> - with suggested time slots on
> the 6 and 7 or the 13th and 14th of december.  Please feel free to suggest
> agenda items and also to answer the thread with the date and time of your
> preference - *and also to share it widely*.
> Best,
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> *Bruna Martins dos Santos *
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