[governance] Interest in working on an IGC workshop for IGF 2018?

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Wed May 16 16:11:41 EDT 2018

I doubt I am the only one - but I could not commit to a workshop without 
knowing the dates and venue for IGF.

I certainly think IGF should be approached with a request to extend 
workshop deadlines until a suitable period after venue and dates are 

Ian Peter

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>Hi there,
>For the past two years, the IGC has been developping and submiting
>workshop proposals for the IGF. Though all details about when and
>where the IGF will take place, the deadline for workshop submission is
>end of this month in basically 10 days. Am I the only one who finds
>this odd?
>Are we able to put together a drafting team that can work on an
>initial draft? If you are interested, please state so on the list or
>to me privately and I will be happy to coordinate. If by tomorrow no
>one has reached out, I will consider that there is no interest.
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