[governance] Interest in working on an IGC workshop for IGF 2018? 1, 2, 3

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Just saw your note about new dates, so absolutely we hold for IGC  consideration/improvement.



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Great and thanks Judith - please have at it, as clock is ticking.

We need it complete and sensible to MAG standards by Sunday latest...



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HI Lee,

Seems like a very interesting proposal.  I would be interested in helping with the drafting



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On 5/24/2018 11:41 AM, Lee W McKnight wrote:


Maybe I am jumping the gun since we do not yet have confirmation on dates, and just Macron's tweet confirming Paris in November for IGF 2018. But to assemble workshop proposals I thought I better start.

1st fyi this email will be followed by a 2nd, and a 3rd, on draft workshop proposals for possible IGC (co-)sponsorship. Various aspects of the work we have been engaged in with Liberia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Alaska, to rapidly expand Internet access, anywhere, is the common thread. Since we believe they may offer replicable, and hopeful, models for refinement to meet community needs - anywhere.

2nd I note that the workshop proposal draft below has Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles support for submission; I have cc'd DCIRP chair Minda Moreira.

I now invite IGC to consider co-sponsoring.  And I invite IGCers to let me know if they would like to participate - or at least are willing to be listed as possible participants in this proposal.

Finally, please meet SU iSchool adjunct professor of blockchain management Richie Etwaru, and his hu-manity.co startup co-founder Michael dePalma. Who aim to enable our 31st Right with Blockchain. Richie was previously CDO, IQVIA, the healthcare data company. (Please be gentle as they are newbies here on IGC, and just in process of joining our august list/community. : )

They argue rights to the data about us is the 31st human right.

Richie's of course blockchained proposition can be seen at  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD7Ys5RIgTY


Your #31st Human Right, Guaranteed by Blockchain | Richie Etwaru | TEDxKedgeBS - YouTube<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sD7Ys5RIgTY>
Richie Etwaru, author, global keynote speaker, adjunct professor of Blockchain Management at Syracuse University in New York, USA, and CEO and Founder of Hu-...

Would some IGCers want to hop into this?

A rough draft sketch  of a possible IGC + DCIRP IGF 2018 co-sponsored workshop proposals is below. Reactions? I plan to submit tomorrow if possible; if iGCers wish to engage and revise we can push back to Saturday and still meet the crazy Sunday deadline - even with dates/times of meeting unsettled.


(IGC+?) DCIRP IGF Workshop Draft Proposal

Your 31st Right

In cooperation with (IGC and) the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles, and the Internet Governance Caucus, the following is prepared for submission to the next IGF.

With the GDPR now in force, firms and nations are obliged to comprehensively review their data policies, or risk incurring substantial penalties. Beyond loss avoidance for firms however, many people, and insurers, are weary of repeated scandals as use and abuse of legitimately collected but inappropriately used or protected data remains rampant. This workshop will explore new approaches and treatment of data, including the most sensitive data about our own person. Who owns us?  Can blockchain and other new technologies transform this worn debate into a more hopeful model and proposition for all of us? Do we not have a right to our own data? Our 31st Right? How does this fit within the Charter on Internet Rights and Principles? What new or updated instruments may be desirable, if any? Can blockchain help us reach WSIS objectives and UN sustainable development goals?

(TENTATIVE; maybe to be invited)

Workshop Chairs:

Memia Moreira, Hanane Boujemi, and/or Robert Bodle, DCIRP

Arsene Tungali, IGC


Minister of Health, Liberia

Katitza Rodriguez, EFF

Phil Murphy, Governor, New Jersey

Andrew Wyckoff, OECD

Jane Coffin, ISOC

Richie Etwaru, Hu-manity.co

Kevin Risser, USAC

Big pharma and/or IQVIA rep

Asian rep or 2


Hanane Boujemi, DCIRP or Marianne Franklin, Goldsmiths

Lee McKnight, SU

(Lee again: I presume it is not problematic to have more than enough named participants agreeing to consider participating, so we can finetune speaker list as process moves along and people confirm travel plans when event locale and dates are confirmed...)

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Hi there,

For the past two years, the IGC has been developping and submiting
workshop proposals for the IGF. Though all details about when and
where the IGF will take place, the deadline for workshop submission is
end of this month in basically 10 days. Am I the only one who finds
this odd?

Are we able to put together a drafting team that can work on an
initial draft? If you are interested, please state so on the list or
to me privately and I will be happy to coordinate. If by tomorrow no
one has reached out, I will consider that there is no interest.

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