[governance] [SPAM] Re: [JNC - Forum] George Soros comments on Google and Facebook at Davos

Suresh Ramasubramanian suresh at hserus.net
Sat Jan 27 07:41:57 EST 2018

Why should civil society arrogate to itself a watchdog role and deny the role or even the locus standi of other stakeholders to comment?

Or in other words, why resent the comments or gripe that they come from Soros rather than from some civil society figure?

´╗┐On 27/01/18, 8:31 PM, "Daniel Pimienta" <governance-request at lists.riseup.net on behalf of pimienta at funredes.org> wrote:

    Indeed Parminder this is the deeply sad reality of ours (thanks to the magics of the multistakeholder paradigm cleverly played)  and it is extremely meaningful that the most extreme voice to express the terrible situation we are driving to (not to mention in the background the end of net neutrality)  does not come form
    but from

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