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Dear colleagues,

Apologize for crossposting but thought to share the attached with you.
It is the updated and latest document explaining all about the Dynamic
Coalitions which are an important part of the Internet Governance
Forun, IGF.

Some of our IGC members are part of many of them (including the
Coordination group). I would like to encourage our new IGC members who
would like to join and be part of any of them to carefully read the
document. At its end, there is a list of all of them where you can
chose which one you want to join.

There is the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance, which is a DC
formed of young people and those who consider themselves young into
the IGF process. Feel free to join and discuss youth's issues on a
dedicated mailing list.

Do not hesitate to ask any question, you will certainly be answered by
members on this list.


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