[governance] [Final reminder] New IGC Co-coordinator: Nominations open until May 10th!

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Hi Arsene, all:

I'd like to second (or +1) Bruna's nomination if that's needed.


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On Tue, May 9, 2017 at 4:35 PM, Bruna Santos <bruna.mrtns at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Arsene and everyone,
> I'd like to self-nominate for the co-coordinator opening! Here follows my
> SOI:
> Your full name: Bruna Martins dos Santos
> Your country of origin and of residence: Brazil
> Anything we need to know about your work/involvement with IGC/IGF/Civil
> Society activities.
> I am an active member of the ISOCs SIG Group Youth Observatory and,
> therefore, an advocate for the inclusion of youth in policy-making
> processes regarding Internet Governance. I have also contributed to the
> IGF's Best Practice Forum on Gender and Access as an independent researcher
> and one of the authors of the Young Latin American Women Declaration:
> Enabling access to empower young women and build a feminist Internet
> Governance, an input from the Youth Observatory to the BPF Gender that
> addressed the importance of ensuring a safe online environment for women
> online.
> Why do you think you can be a good Co-coordinator for the IGC?
> I believe I'd be able to serve IG Caucus as a co-coordinator due to the
> fact that I have been for the past years a good advocate for the interests
> of Civil Society as I have been involved in some local brazilian
> initiatives for ensuring the rights of citizens online such as the Marco
> Civil da Internet and the organization of Arena NETMundial, a side event
> for the NetMundial directed at the Civil Society representatives that were
> in brazil during the meeting and that aimed to hold the same discussions
> regarding the future of the Internet with the local community . Therefore I
> believe that despite the fact that I am quite young, I believe I would be a
> good co-Coordinator due to that fact that Im willing to advocate for a more
> inclusive and equal Internet, and am also continuing my engagement
> activities with the IG community.
> What’s your vision for the IGC during your term if elected? Pick up to 3
> current issues we face in the group that you will consider as priority
> during your first year. (Max 200 words)
> As for my visions for the IGC during the Term, given the fact that this
> list was my prior tool for accessing informations regarding Internet
> Governance, I believe on making it more participative through
> accountability. I think it would be important for the members to know who
> else is alongside them and also whom they could reach out in any subject
> they wish to, outreach for the IG Caucus is a very important thing for the
> list as its members are the influencers in all of the different regions of
> the globe
> As for the 3 current issues, I believe that Increasing balanced
> participation in internet governance debates - gender and regional
> representations;  bringing youth into the internet governance debate;
>  interconnecting more civil society groups would be the three elected by
> me.
> Best,
> Bruna
> 2017-05-09 2:47 GMT-03:00 Arsène Tungali <arsenebaguma at gmail.com>:
>> Colleagues,
>> I am still receiving nominations for a new co-co for the IGC. The
>> nominations close in one day for us to go for next steps.
>> Please do check the email bellow for more details on how to apply.
>> Regards,
>> Arsene
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>> Begin forwarded message:
>> *From:* Arsène Tungali <arsenebaguma at gmail.com>
>> *Date:* April 27, 2017 at 12:06:14 AM GMT+2
>> *To:* Internet Governance <governance at lists.igcaucus.org>
>> *Subject:* *New IGC Co-coordinator: Nominations open until May 10th!*
>> Dear colleagues,
>> It is time to elect a new Co-coordinator for the Caucus, to replace
>> Analía who has already completed her two-year term, and to work with me
>> (Arsene). As you know, the IGC is operating with two volunteers called
>> “Co-coordinators”.
>> I would like to send my apologies for the time it took me to quick start
>> this process; as you know, we have been busy with migrating our server but
>> also I informed that I will be launching this once we have submitted our
>> workshop proposal to the upcoming IGF (which we did today). This is an
>> usual process and I beg you to bear with me. You will remember I did launch
>> this call while we were still working on the server but so many of you only
>> saw it later on when the system was restored back.
>> We invite members of the IGC to nominate candidates (please check with
>> them first about their willingness to serve), or to nominate themselves as
>> Co-coordinator to serve for 2 years, from 2017-2019. All you need to do is
>> to send TO THE LIST your statement of interest (in the body of an email and
>> attached in a .doc file) with the following elements:
>> -          Your full name
>> -          Your country of origin and of residence
>> -          Anything we need to know about your work/involvement with
>> IGC/IGF/Civil Society activities. (200 words max)
>> -          Why do you think you can be a good Co-coordinator for the
>> IGC? (Max 200 words)
>> -          What’s your vision for the IGC during your term if elected?
>> Pick up to 3 current issues we face in the group that you will consider as
>> priority during your first year. (Max 200 words)
>> The nomination period will be open until midnight UTC on May 10th,
>> 2017. After this date, we will circulate a resume of candidate's profiles
>> and enable a voting link to all IGC members in order to elect our new
>> co-coordinator.
>> You can check duties and responsibilities on our website (
>> www.igcaucus.org)
>> <http://igcaucus.org/charter>
>> <http://igcaucus.org/charter>I do encourage all of you who wish to have
>> a different experience with international advocacy or Internet public
>> policy issues to consider applying. Also, we need to revitalize our group
>> so we need someone very dynamic that will bring a push to support me.
>> Kind regards,
>> Arsene
>> IGC Co-coordinator
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