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Sun Jun 25 01:35:01 EDT 2017

 Dear one and all ,

All over, world all governments are doing mass surveillance and for example
and all social
media data / telecom data / mobile contacts data and e-mail accounts data
are with various governments and also other rouge people etc

And each country have its own IT polices.For example all PC's are up dated
with OS up gradation
and various applications up date and even all switches , routers mobiles
etc are up dated from
there itself you IP , local data and other book marks data , sites visting
data is taken.

every thing is open and all people are having access to every body. all are
stage manged
by all geo poltical / economical needs and all of are all players or actors
in global
Digital Opra / tv / movie /media / social security / taxes etc shows which
is all
humans growth / lively hood or to become leaders / top companies to rule

For example during last ICANN meeting, In India, some carzy guys raised
Internet shut down
in J & k . but realty is terrorists and other mafia ( our enimies )  are
using social media /
other corrupt data to kill people / burn schools and also using to brain
wash people to join ISIS.
most of people are getting attracted are village people and where  all
companies are looking for biz
bottom of  pyramid / youth who are not having jobs with face data /
communications / violent data
people are acting. ( all over world people are having mobiles not food
shelter water / living in slums)
people are looking  to become Digital slum dog millionaires.

This problem all global countries are facing . If Internet  / data is
getting used
for killing economies / people and for looting resources there is no meaning
for open data or closed bad data good data terrorist data or communications.
and also there is no meaning for freedom of expression /human rights.

countries who are effected / who are suffering with digital war fares /
wars to monitor every thing and act them is noting but destroying data /
data as digital weapons of mass genocide of knowledge people that is humans
to rule world in various means.

Is Good digital Intelligent person / villages / community / county / state
is important
or bad digital persons minds nets world etc really matters for all people
internet / mobiles / digital world.

Good day to you all.
kanumuri s raju

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" We  make net to think and act "
" Survival is h-commerce -human  commerce or human knowledge commerce based
on Bartering of knowledge Globally with out money as instrument "
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On Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 7:11 AM, willi uebelherr <willi.uebelherr at riseup.net
> wrote:

> Dear parminder,
> i am amazed at your naivety in relation to the state. But independent, i
> am very curious about your proposals.
> many greetings, willi
> Asuncion, Paraguay
> Am 24/6/2017 um 01:17 schrieb parminder:
>> On Wednesday 21 June 2017 09:37 PM, "Kleinw├Ąchter, Wolfgang" wrote:
>>> Parminder:
>>> Like the physical economy, it has to be a mixed economy and state/
>>> community must own and runs some key parts and sectors of the data economy,
>>> Thereupon , draw the basic political economy lines of the new mixed economy
>>> of a data and digital intelligence driven world.
>>> Wolfgang:
>>> Can you give us a good proposal how to draw the line for a private data
>>> economy and a state data economy?
>> Wolfgang, thanks for asking the question. In fact I am in a process of
>> doing a paper to make an elaborate case for alternative (or
>> complementary) digital industrialisation strategies for developing
>> countries, based on (1) adequate public interest regulation and (2)  a
>> mixed economy for data/ digital intelligence . The arguments for it are
>> not yet fully developed, and I mean to talk to a lot of people about it.
>> Comments and suggestions from you and others on this elist are welcome.
>> And where the individual - who produces a vast amount of data - would
>>> have its role?
>> All social institutions, whether the market or the state, are about
>> individuals or human beings. No aliens are involved here. Are you
>> satisfied with how the data market is delivering on people's/ human
>> rights today? If not, institutional corrections and balances are
>> required. To the extent that the market as an institution for free
>> individual choices and distribution is failing us, we need action on the
>> side of the state and other collectives as institutions of our
>> collective social choices. (As mentioned earlier, reasons for resistance
>> to it are more class and geopolitical interests based than anything else.)
>> In general, my view is that the state needs to get much more seriously
>> into data business (other than of surveillance, which must be checked by
>> considerable new legal developments). Developing and maintaining key
>> social statistics was always the state's business. And there are good
>> reasons for that. Much of this valuable resource works best as a natural
>> monopoly, as a collective resources that all actors can freely access
>> and use to inter alia develop businesses over. The open data movement
>> has done much work in this area. However, the need today is for the
>> state to get much deeper into many data areas, and in this context it
>> will be best to put in place a new, constitutional pillar of the state,
>> distinct from the executive, legislature and judiciary. The
>> informational/ data/ digital intelligence pillar and body of our
>> polities. Its complete independence from the executives branch has to be
>> constitutionally granted and ensured.
>> Having made such new institutional arrangements, the state must take
>> charge of some key digital infrastructural elements, like identity
>> management, authentication, digital payments, basic digital security,
>> and so on. This would parallel state's role in the industrial society
>> organisation. However, we do not need to seek strict parallels, and
>> independent logic should underpin new institutional mechanisms.
>> This new data body should also manage, on citizen's behalf, personal
>> data bases for health, education etc, and other backbone or
>> infrastructural databased like micro data about soil/ climate,  city
>> transportation, and so on.
>> These infrastructural databases will enable local business to develop
>> various business models employing them, in all the different areas.
>> Apart from ensuring - as Wolfgang, you ask for - that individuals can
>> effectively own and control data about themselves - and individually and
>> collectively enjoy a fair part of the economic value that such data
>> helps create, managing these infrastructural databases also gives the
>> state the required levers of regulatory control over all sectors, in
>> order to ensure that public interest is effectively protected.
>> In its own, now greatly enhanced, data activities, the state will
>> appropriately employ private sector expertise, without giving up
>> effective controls over domains that are appropriately of the state.
>> Things like this...
>> Will be glad to hear your response.
>> parminder
>>> w
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