[governance] Indicators for Linguistic diversity in the Internet

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Congratulations!! What a wonderful tool! Bravo do you and your team Daniel



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> Objet : [governance] Indicators for Linguistic diversity in the Internet
> For whoever is interested in fresh data about languages in the Internet and discussion of biases on exiting data.
> This observatory of languages & cultures in the Internet has measured the space of Latin languages, English and German in the Internet, between 1997 and 2007.
> After 10 years of eclipse, because of the evolution of Search Engines, it is back, with a new method to produce a set of 10 indicators for the 140 languages of more than 5 millons speakers.
> Check http://funredes.org/lc2017 if the subject (which does has to do with IG) is of your interest.
> Daniel
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