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Stephanie Perrin stephanie.perrin at mail.utoronto.ca
Mon Jun 19 08:18:31 EDT 2017

My name is Stephanie Perrin, I have been on this list since the 
Netmundial meeting, although I am not active in posting.  I was a 
participant at the first WSIS, the first IGF meeting I attended was in 
2006, and I am very active at ICANN as a GNSO councilor and member of 
the Non Commercial Users Constituency (NCUC).  I also am a member of 
NARALO.  I am retired after a 35 year career in the Canadian government 
where I worked mostly on information policy and privacy issues, 
including ten years spent researching and leading drafting of our 
private sector privacy law.  My volunteer work at ICANN has been largely 
focused on trying to improve the privacy of domain name registrants' 
data, and other related human rights issues.

I also have a small consulting company that works on privacy research, 
analysis, and impact assessment, which has been much neglected as I 
finish my doctoral dissertation which focuses on why ICANN has no 
privacy protection for registrant information.

Please come and meet us in Johannesburg; as Renata has indicated, we are 
having an NCUC outreach day to meet the community and civil society 
groups who might be interested in our work.

Stephanie Perrin

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