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Hi Arsène,
many thanks! Indeed the IGF Academy fellows are doing great and working
very hard strategically to set sustainable IG initiatives in their
countries. And some of them will organize this year a national IGF for the
first time - while others are focusing on accountability and are drawing
great knowledge from the experiences as new ICANN fellows (or attending
I think it would be great to gather all initiatives world wide providing
support (both knowledge and/or financial support to local IG structures).

2017-06-12 14:18 GMT+02:00 Arsène Tungali <arsenebaguma at gmail.com>:

> Hi Lorena,
> Thank you very much for sharing this useful document. I am sure it will be
> of help to colleagues on this list dealing with the same type of
> initiatives. I had to meet some fellows from your Academy in Mexico and at
> various events since then and they seem to be doing very well. Some others
> are now participating into other fora, the Academy being a good starting
> point for them into the IG sphere.
> I would like to know if there is anyone else on this platform who is
> running or associated with such type of initiatives. It would be great to
> map them and to be able to follow or contrinuute to your work.
> Best regards,
> Arsene
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> 2017-06-12 13:51 GMT+02:00 <ljp at irights.info>:
>> Dear all,
>> apologies for cross-posting.
>> The IGF Academy just released a Transfer Guide with diverse strategies
>> for everyone interested in creating or enhancing sustainable
>> national/regional IG structures: from stakeholder mapping to SWOT analysis,
>> funding and communication strategies. You can download the templates for
>> your own personal use in the link given below.
>> Regards,
>> Lorena
>> --
>> Lorena Jaume-Palasi
>> Founder IGF Academy | igf.academy
>> ***IGF Academy releases “IGF Academy Transfer Guide: Sharing Learning and
>> Experience” to help create national Internet governance structures***
>> Berlin, Colombo, Johannesburg, June 12th, 2017
>> Do you plan to establish Internet governance processes in your country,
>> or do you want to enhance existing ones? They can be extremely helpful for
>> strengthening multi-stakeholder cooperation and developing joint positions
>> between government, businesses, civil society and others on how to manage
>> Internet resources in your country. To give everyone involved a head start,
>> IGF Academy has released the Transfer Guide, a toolkit that can be used by
>> new IGF National and Regional Initiatives (NRIs).
>> The Transfer Guide shares insights into the work done by the IGF Academy
>> Fellows from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Congo (Brazzaville), Myanmar, Namibia,
>> South Africa, Sri Lanka and Togo, and makes the good practice experiences
>> available to a wider public.
>> Download the IGF Academy Transfer Guide (10 MB) here:
>> http://igf.academy/wp-content/uploads/IGF_transfer_guide_final.pdf
>> The Transfer Guide outlines first strategic steps to create new NRIs and
>> explains organisational tools such as stakeholder mapping, SWOT analysis,
>> communication and funding strategies, as well as roadmaps. It combines the
>> experiences and challenges of IGF Academy Fellows in creating Internet
>> governance structures in their countries with the strategies they have
>> developed to deal with these issues.
>> IGF Academy partners with APC and LIRNEasia in providing support to 16
>> fellows from Africa and Asia for building or enhancing their nation’s IG
>> infrastructures.
>> “The first year of the IGF Academy has pushed forward political
>> engagement and Internet governance discussions in all our partner
>> countries. We are happy to share our insights and offer these experiences
>> to enhance new NRIs globally”, Matthias Spielkamp, IGF Academy founder,
>> explains.
>> “The Transfer Guide offers a range of strategy tools to start up Internet
>> governance dialogue and offers an honest perspective on the status quo for
>> the upcoming national IGFs engaged in the IGF Academy. 2016 has been a rich
>> experience in creating new IG initiatives and we are happy to continue our
>> cooperation in 2017”, adds Lorena Jaume-Palasí, IGF Academy founder.
>> The IGF Academy Toolkit is published under a Creative Commons license.
>> Please feel free to copy, use, distribute and build upon this material. IGF
>> Academy is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation
>> and Development, ICANN and CIMA.
>> The IGF Academy will hold online meetings with the fellows as well as
>> provide webinars to assist them with the development of their strategy
>> roadmaps until the upcoming global IGF. It will support all fellows to
>> attend the IGF, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland, and will organise a
>> meeting on-site prior to the global IGF to prepare the fellows to
>> participate in the forum.
>> Download the IGF Academy Transfer Guide (10 MB) here:
>> http://igf.academy/wp-content/uploads/IGF_transfer_guide_final.pdf
>> For more information about the IGF Academy go to: http://igf.academy/
>> ***About IGF Academy***
>> IGF Academy was initiated by iRights in March 2016. It aims to foster
>> freedom of  expression on the Internet and inclusive and transparent
>> national Internet governance and policy processes. Fellows from four
>> African and four Asian countries will be supported in the creation and/or
>> consolidation of multistakeholder, national Internet governance structures.
>> The IGF Academy is run by iRights in cooperation with APC and LIRNEasia
>> and funded by the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.
>> ***About iRights***
>> iRights is a non-governmental organisation based in Berlin. Consisting of
>> iRights e.V., a charitable non-profit, and the independent think tank
>> iRights.international, we have been active at the intersection of
>> digitisation and society for more than ten years. Since 2005 we have been
>> running the iRights.info online platform, one of Germany’s premier
>> resources for information and discussions on copyright, privacy, media
>> freedom and Internet governance issues. We develop joint projects and
>> provide research and consultancy for a wide range of stakeholders:
>> foundations and other NGOs, government and public entities, private
>> companies, academic institutions and individuals. Our mission: To harness
>> theopportunities of digitisation for the promotion of democracy and the
>> public good. Our approach: We offer our expertise and create spaces for the
>> cooperative development of practical outcomes and solutions.
>> For inquiries regarding IGF Academy please email office at igf.academy
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