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Akinremi Peter Taiwo compsoftnet at gmail.com
Wed Jun 14 03:37:02 EDT 2017

Hi everyone,

I am Peter from Nigeria. I currently work in IT support capacity for
Cashlink Plc based in Lagos. Also serving as the West Africa Coordinator
for African Civil society on Information Society to defend the interest of
Africans and ICTs for development.

My journey in IG ecosystem started in 2013 with interest to learn best
practices and to contribute. This lead to taken Infrastructure and Critical
Internet Resources course with Diplo foundation.

Ever since then I remained active as an access, privacy, cyber, finance
ict4d and inclusiveness advocate.
On Jun 13, 2017 7:25 AM, "Arsène Tungali" <arsenebaguma at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi there,
> I see this working somewhere and thought we may want to do it here as
> well. I know many of us know each other, yet some others don't. Also, we my
> have known you from your previous engagements/specialities/affiliations
> but maybe you have changed.
> I bet we will have fun reading everyone's intro and for now and for this,
> fill our mailboxes (just on this note). Do not pull your official bio but
> please try to put it in simpler words and if at all possible, be short :)
> -------------------------
> Here we go:
> I am Arsene Tungali, working as Executive Director for Rudi International
> based in Goma (Democratic Republic of Congo). Since 2011, i started my
> journey in the IG ecosystem with my primary interest focusing on child
> online safety and women participation in ICT.
> Later on, i drew interest in human rights violations and started
> documenting the way they happen online. My main interest was trying to
> understand how States are using surveillance, Censorship, Internet
> shutdowns to keep citizens quiet, a pure violation of their right of
> freedom of expression and privacy.
> Currently doing consultancy work as a researcher on these issues and
> speaking at events with the objective of raising awareness on these issues.
> Serving as IGC co-coordinator since February 2016 and thankful for that!
> Who is next?
> -----------------
> Arsène Tungali,
> about.me/ArseneTungali
> +243 993810967
> GPG: 523644A0
> Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo
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