[governance] RootsAction: Like it or not (and we don't), they could destroy the world

srajukanumuri srajukanumuri at gmail.com
Tue Jul 11 05:46:20 EDT 2017

To list members and open policy makers ,

Internet banned when there is security issue and when cowards of nation
fake news or any problem, on local security issues.

Indian IT act was misused by corrupt police and divided politicians etc
where in court has given order and also recommended Indian government and
other stake holders to
remove IT act and also caste based Acts where if another caste blamed
case can be filed.

So many open knowledge people are fighting for this to remove form over all
Indian penal code system.

Most of case's Internet was shut down to stop terror attacks and hate
posting's etc where in people fight with fake news for political millage
and this is happening all over world. In some
case we came to know anti nationalist paying money ( as promoting ad's ,
digital marketing) to be active on social media and there are so many fake
accounts who are getting operated
by anti nationalists.  For each stone thrown on security personal in J and
k  Rs 200 paid
and for each solider , police dead huge money is given or even trained to
rob banks , ATM;s and divided looted money as  40 percent to looter and 60
percent for anti nationalists. some
net work is selling drugs etc and other counter fit notes .

Globally elections effected with fake news through social media effecting
societies.some countries even gone through fake revolutions, fake wars,
fake riots etc  For this purpose only Internet is getting shut down which
is  acceptable all over the world.

There is no good and bad terrorism / riots.

No two minds think alone  and our own brains act different if brains are
brain washed.

Yesterday night 7 manasarovar Pilgrims where killed in terrorist attacks
and armed / police also came under fire.

For this Law and order , national security can act to shut down internet,
even mobile towers as mobile phones are  used for bombing , and also pass
messages and also using dark nets, social media  to make anti national's
come out to make terrorists / criminals escape.
schools are getting burned to make children un - educated and make their
brains divided
like one set supporting no internet shut down , make fake / hate news in
place and
other set looking for people life safer and infrastructure safer.

If this wrong ,all people on policy list can vote, write or wrong to shut
down / block internet.
which is better than mass surveillance for years. even youth are giving
counseling and even
after re-rehabilitation people are acting different way. the last mile goes
to money freely and use that for biz etc

I don't further waste my time on this issue to wash other brains to change
their views
and people who waste time on social media to sell AD words , likes
followers or sell fake products / solutions services,and people who support
criminal act's cheating acts to earn money / power through virus minds. .

Good day to you all.
kanumuri s raju

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" We  make net to think and act "
" Survival is h-commerce -human  commerce or human knowledge commerce based
on Bartering of knowledge Globally with out money as instrument "
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empowerment and support services
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On Tue, Jul 11, 2017 at 11:25 AM, Suresh Ramasubramanian <suresh at hserus.net>

> Are you that sure?  ☺  We have our own share of problems I’d say.  Can’t
> really claim perfection
> Just for example - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/
> Internet_censorship_in_India
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> *Subject: *Re: [governance] RootsAction: Like it or not (and we don't),
> they could destroy the world
> India never banned global ICT / Internet companies where as other
> countries did or made
> restrictions as we India support open knowledge commerce give's respect to
> individual knowledge from leaders to ordinary  Tea seller / beggar on
> street who also uses mobile / internet for better life and thinking to come
> out of poverty along with farmers tribes etc who
> are multi stake holders also innovators policy advisors.
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