[governance] Your definition of "Open Internet"

Mehrzad Azghandi mehrzad.azghandi at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 11:47:12 EDT 2017

Thank you *SCHOMBE *for your support,

Completely agree with your points.

Open Internet should support new businesses with a widely distributed
resources and equal opportunities for all.  But state rules may cause
conflicts in global scale and this may lead us to necessity of a new layer
of rules, protocols and incentives for all users in the globe, when we are
taking care of state rules at the same time.

This new layer may be formed through bottom-up procedure as we have already
seen its possibility in Bitcoin idea; applying BlockChain independence

hope I'm not getting out of context . Just wanna ask you to consider the
possibilities to technically make an open internet by individuals for
business, freedom and better life for all.

On Wed, Aug 23, 2017 at 2:56 PM, Baudouin SCHOMBE <b.schombe at gmail.com>

>  Hello Mehzrad,
> ++++1 for your clarification.
> So , just to say that "open internet"means also freedom of linguistic
> expression like we can say multilinguism in internet for respecting
> diversity of culture.
> "Open internet" is also the way to do wide busness in all level anywhere,
> anytime but in taking care of rules.
> I enjoy your best clarification.
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> 2017-08-23 8:11 GMT+01:00 Mehrzad Azghandi <mehrzad.azghandi at gmail.com>:
>> Hello Friends, Arsene,
>> Thank you to raise this important thread on "Open Internet"
>> Here I am not going to repeat our colleagues' perfect answers; a list of
>> important concepts from equal opportunity  to accessibility or free flow of
>> information and so on; which all of these have been our continuous
>> challenges for years.
>> In my view, technically, "Open Internet" as like as "Internet" itself,
>> needs to continue its bottom-up procedure and it would not come true just
>> by asking it from governments and giant companies; as it has been wrongly
>> followed for years by IG initiatives:  Trying to convince Governments and
>> Giant Companies to do something they don't like to!, when we have less
>> power and authority to enforce them.
>> I think this approach doesn't work anymore and IGs should find another
>> way; any technical approach instead of this political one, I mean!
>> Featuring the situation, "Open Internet" as like as Freedom, is not an
>> environment without any wall ! When walls are humankind heritage for
>> millions and they exist in our minds and consequently in our new Internet
>> world !  So we have to work on doors!  We should work on an environment
>> full of doors and these doors will be always open for anybody who knows the
>> way to pass or  prefers to close them for his/her own privacy, safety and
>> efficiency!
>> We should technically work on doors and keys, not to break the walls!
>> Any individual in internet should be able and free to dominate his/her
>> environment in passing or closing the doors, and this capability and
>> knowledge of domination is vital part of open Internet and freedom.
>> The global internet policy should be technically inclined to provide any
>> required utilities and facilities for people to dominate their own
>> environment, accessing information, increasing their knowledge, applying
>> their opportunity at their best efficiency, anywhere they live or anywhere
>> they go; free of their geography and international borders.
>> The last word: Increase the number of doors and leave the keys to the
>> owners!
>> Regards
>> Mehrzad Azghandi
>> Iran
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