[governance] Fwd: Speakers needed: HSE Workdhop Proposal 'Access Forbidden: Internet under the Crossfire of Jurisdictions'

Shcherbovich Andrey dvbirve at yandex.ru
Sun Apr 30 10:34:54 EDT 2017

THERE IS EXPLANATION! We are going to submit this as a workshop proposal for IGF 2017 in Geneva

Sincerely yours, Andrey

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Dear Colleagues!

Higher School of Economics would like to request speakers on workshop.

Access Forbidden: Internet under the Crossfire of Jurisdictions

Freedom of expression restrictions, including website content blocking, became part of our life. Nowadays self-regulated internet transforms to overregulated: every country imposes its own rules on content blocking, enforcing users and website owners to comply with rules of more than 200 countries around the world.

It is impossible to imagine modern internet without Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). In 2016 W3C extended list of HTTP status codes with “451 Unavailable For Legal Reasons”. Among all error codes addressing various technical failures, this is the only one specifically addressing legal issue. This illustrates significance of changes that happen to internet under the pressure of regulations.

At this workshop, we will discuss how the regulations emerging all over the world shape internet of the future. In particular, how laws of different jurisdictions heap up towards website content blocking and challenges this impose to internet access, freedom of expression and internet fragmentation. We will discuss both technical aspects and legal perspectives of internet fragmentation and address the issue whether there is room for national laws harmonization.

Please refer to me on this proposal in case of interest.

Dr. Andrey A. Shcherbovich
Lecturer, Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law,
National Research University
Higher School of Economics
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