[governance] LEST Frameworks - tool for policy making

"João Carlos R. Caribé" joao.caribe at me.com
Wed Apr 12 10:43:16 EDT 2017

Hello people!

During BestBits meeting at Guadalajara I introduced LEST framework. LEST is a frameworks that turn easy to simulate and understant important elements in policy making, as actors, definitions, values, arguments, objectives, strenghts, weakenesses, opportunities and threats. LEST is very simple, and LEST is a tech policy mind-mp tool that separately analyses Legal, Economical,Social and Technical dimensions and allow trough canvas to simulate strategies for policy making. 

You can find out more detail at: 

Also now I created a working group in Loomio, that anyone can join using the link bellow if you are interested in try this tool with us. 

The purpose of working group is to develop canvas around main subjects that Civil Society advocates are facing currently.

I hope see you there. 

João Carlos R. Caribé
Skype joaocaribe
+55(021) 9 8761 1967

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