[governance] W3C Encrypted Media Extensions

Norbert Bollow nb at bollow.ch
Wed Apr 12 04:42:13 EDT 2017

Those who have been here for a while will remember IGC's 2013
statement in opposition to the efforts at W3C to introduce DRM to the
web by means of a standardized interface called "Encrypted Media
Extensions" (EME).

This has unfortunately nevertheless gone forward at W3C and is now close
to formal approval as a W3C Recommendation.

That means that now is the final opportunity for Sir Tim Berners-Lee to
use his veto power in this matter.

The Just Net Coalition has just sent him an open letter, urging him to
do so.


Our corresponding press release is at:


There is also a recent statement from APC on this issue:

A statement from two members of the European Parliament is at:


A statement from the UNESCO Secretariat is at:


The W3C response to the UNESCO statement is at:


The open letter from the Just Net Coalition comments on the W3C
response to the UNESCO statement.

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