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I would tend to lay a lot of the blame with the IoT device
manufacturers, which I think is also the gist of Lee W McKnight's note
tho I'm not as sanguine about hoping consumers avoid insecure devices.

Reportedly tens of millions of devices were used in this attack.

Devices with poor designs whose designs would not have been difficult
to avoid but, now that they are out there, are very difficult to

My suggested approach in other venues would be to investigate speaking
to those manufacturers' product liability underwriters, this is
probably already on their radar, about the potential risk they may not
have assessed in those policies.

Then, if premiums rise sharply, the manufacturers might well consider
improving their products' safety and renogotiating with their

Samsung's Note 7 product's fire-prone batteries just cost them
reportedly billions in mitigation (replacing devices etc) and probably
many millions in liability claims. That's not the sort of thing
insurance underwriters like to ignore.

All that doesn't do much for the installed base but it could help a
lot going forward so would be a start and is pushing potentially
effective buttons.

Fortunately the devices themselves tend to have a decay curve,
obsolescence, if we can outlast them. Not clear.

Another point which is scarier is ISIS and similar parties whose
tactics tend toward ruthless civil disruption are no doubt studying
what just happened.

And the malicious code is out there and being passed around.

        -Barry Shein

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