[governance] Is the Internet Really Free of US Control?

David Allen David_Allen_AB63 at post.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 17 23:47:42 EDT 2016

I appreciate the effort.  However.

On Oct 17, 2016, at 6:07 AM, "Kleinw├Ąchter, Wolfgang" <wolfgang.kleinwaechter at medienkomm.uni-halle.de> wrote:

> The lesson I learned is that it is much better to look forward and to innovate policy making

Innovation is 'good' only when it serves a 'good' purpose - obviously.  Plenty of innovation, unfortunately, has had dark undersides - along with different, other change that does serve us.


> than to reactivate the diplomatic instruments of the 20th century to settle the 21st century problems.

It may be beguiling to take a tick-over in human-created numbering - 21st versus 20th century - as some sort of analytic tool.  In fact, there is _nothing_ inherent in the distinction between these two time periods.  If reasoning and fact can be advanced to show distinctions, then perhaps there can be something useful to talk about.

In the meantime, we need to focus on demonstrable problems, then solutions.

In that regard:

> ... to move from a hierarichal oversight mechanism to a network oversight mechanism

First, we need to know what problem is being solved.  But then, for such a proposed solution, we have to have sound delineation of what such a thing may be.  Then - perhaps - there can be useful analysis as to modalities and whether and how results emerge.

Most especially, then, whether those results fit outcomes we agree serve the public good.  Most especially, whether such proposed mechanisms underpin democracy.  Particularly when contrasted with established practice.

In the meantime ...

As a response here noted, accountability remains a glaring difficulty.  As has been, for going on now the two decades of this story.  Without a 'turnaround' on this that has been a wholly intractable problem, we cannot take our eyes off it.  The problem virtually guarantees to pervert the prospect for service to the public good.


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