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Dear Friends ,

Co - operative means trusted network and also connecting people which is
access and also internet policy added multi stake holder
ship . This include people who are not educated / farmers etc . Open source
is nothing but co- operative minds working together creating
innovations and lastly doing commerce world wide who are farmers / people /
Artisans etc this true open internet. Lastly most of NGO's closely work
with people / communities who are co - operative.  Globally self help
groups poor people are living based on co - operative
models which is nothing but Groups / Lists we are sharing and lastly
knowledge management linked to other software tools.

world bank SDG's is connecting people in form of communities local co -
operative societies.  internet was also evolved based on coop RFP's and
standards we are freezing based on different coops which is technology
groups standards models etc

 Good day to you all
 kanumuri s raju

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On Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 3:43 AM, willi uebelherr <willi.uebelherr at riseup.net
> wrote:

> Dear Brandt,
> i thank you very much for your fantastic response. Independent, that you
> think, it will be a little "Off Topic".
> "... as I doubt you are suggesting the Internet Society should devote
> itself to global revolution".
> Never this is my goal. This have two causes:
> - Never we can move people to any social actions. This in principle have
> to come from the people itself, based on her experience, understanding and
> perspectives. I act in principle for autonomous subjects in all spheres of
> her/our life.
> - evolution and revolution
> For me, this is a dialectical sisterpair. Our basic activities are always
> evolutionary. This means, we act on step by step. We know, that every
> evolution is not a smooth function. It consist on steps. The ripening (die
> Reifung).
> But if we are blocked on our evolutionary way, we change to the
> revolutionary action. We destroy or dissolve the blockade. Then, if we have
> the free way or space, we switch back to the evolutionary activities.
> This understanding is for me central. And we see in our history the lack
> of understanding.
> We can say, the strong neo-liberalism reorganisation of so many societies
> is this revolutionary activity in his specific direction. And now the
> people are totally confused.
> But we should always be clear, that all our discussion, reflection, study,
> design and constructions are evolutionary activities. There is no jump to
> an higher level possible as to go step by step.
> with many thanks and greetings, willi
> Asuncion, Paraguay
> On 24/11/2016 17:21, Brandt Dainow wrote:
>> I think  this is a little off topic, as I doubt you are suggesting the
>> Internet Society should devote itself to global revolution.  However, I
>> think Q'ero philosophy is profound, so I'll take this moment to spread a
>> little Inka thought. I wonder, Willi, if you have considered the
>> possibilities of just a basic Ayni Kawsay instead of going for more?  I
>> think a basic respect for ayni would handle most issues you are concerned
>> with.  If all people practiced ayni, there would be no such thing as
>> elitist actions, even in elitist systems.
>> For anyone left reading "ayni" = "reciprocity" and "kawsay" = life or
>> living, in Quechan, the original language of the Inka Empire, still spoken
>> by tens of millions in the old Inka territories, and once the language
>> which made you eligible for "P'aqo" (or noble) status in the Inka Empire.
>> The philosophy of ayni is more subtle than the concept of karma, but
>> reflects the idea that your actions will inevitably have consequences.
>> It's closer to systems thinking with feedback and loops, etc.  However,
>> ayni then branches into the concepts of yasantin and masintin, which
>> examine the same dialectics as one would find in Hegel, but sees not
>> opposition but a creative dynamism (called "tinkuy").  It's a very profound
>> philosophy which resolves a number of difficulties extant in Western
>> Philosophy, but poorly documented as yet.
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