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I would agree (!?) with Milton and with Louis but I would add that the evident tension between “profile” and “identity” where “profile” is malleable and subject to misrepresentation (false identity) and where there is a continuing pressure to force a merger between profile (real names etc. cf. Facebook) and identity would be a very interesting topic and highly relevant to techies as to others.




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Aha, now I see that Louis Pouzin has given the concept of identity a much stronger definition for the workshop proposal. His idea focuses on the intersection of personal identity and technology. As such, I think it is by far the most interesting workshop concept and would support IGC going with that one. 




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Subject: [governance] Fwd: Fwd: URGENT: IGF Workshop Proposal on behalf of IGC



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I would strongly recommend the 1st proposal on:

-          Erosion of identity or homogenisation by internet - IS it important? Should it be prevented? Can it be prevented? How?

The basic concept is identity. The workshop had better focus on personal identity.
      - who someone is : the name of a person

     -  the qualities, beliefs, etc., that make a particular person different from others

Having an identity is a human right. How can it be managed:

   - creation, protection, modification, privacy, multiple identities 

   - what is allowed to know parts of an identity: State, police, employer, etc.
   - privacy violations, theft, impersonation

   - are identities managed properly with internet ?

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Subject: [governance] URGENT: IGF Workshop Proposal on behalf of IGC
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[Due to my issue with Spam, please do help share this email on the list again to make sure everyone got it in their email. This is to the first person who read this]


Dear list members,


I am coming back to you to share the result s of consultations we had within the WG to develop Workshop Proposal for the IGF on behalf of the IGC. I would like to thank members of the WG (co-organizers) for their contributions and for their time.


We came up with 3 workshop suggestions:


-          Erosion of identity or homogenisation by internet - IS it important? Should it be prevented? Can it be prevented? How?


-          A critical reflexion on the role of civil society in the Internet governance context


-          ICT for development: Harnessing the role of civil society for access, finance and knowledge city


At this point, I am requesting members of the community to:

-          Make comments on the suggested topics,

-          Help agree on ONE topic (we will not wait for consensus but I just want to feel the room)

-          Help rephrase or reorient (if appropriate) the wording on the chosen topics,


After we agreed on the above, I will send another call for speakers, panelists, onsite/remote moderators, rapporteurs, etc. Please do get ready if you are planning to be in Mexico to be involved in this workshop in any form. We will need your expertise and experience to share during the workshop.


Once this is done, then we will submit the workshop proposals to the IGF, using the online form at the IGF Website. Given the remaining time, we have less than 5 days to complete this so that by June 4th, we can submit the proposals for consideration to the IGC.


I really count on your contributions within time so we can conclude this process.





Arsène Tungali,

IGC Co-Coordinator,
Co-founder & Executive Director, Rudi International

Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn

Internet Governance - Blogger - ISOC Ambassador - ICANN Fellow - Child Online Protection Evangelist.

Democratic Republic of Congo


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