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Please find info on how to contribute to Best Practices Forums

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Date: Wed, Jul 27, 2016 at 7:23 AM
Subject: Join and contribute to the work and awareness/outreach of the IGF

Dear All,

The work of the 2016 IGF Best Practice Forum’s is well underway and is
helping pave the way to IGF 2016 in December this year. The Secretariat
would like to take this opportunity to encourage and invite all
stakeholders to participate in these diverse activities. A brief summary of
how you can participate in the BPF processes follows below.

Please also feel free to contact the Secretariat directly and/or the
co-facilitators of the BPFs (cc'd here) for further information about how
you can get involved and ways in which your respective stakeholders can
join the work if they are not already. (Cybersecurity- Markus; IPv6- Izumi
and Sumon; Gender and Access-Jac and Renata; IXPs-Sala and Douglas;
Anti-Corruption-Mike N.)

BPF Gender and Access:

Following its work on online abuse and gender-based violence against women
in 2015,

the BPF Gender is currently investigating ways to ensure equal and
meaningful access to the Internet regardless of gender. To plan and further
its work, the BPF holds meetings every two weeks, but also offers other
simple ways for stakeholders to get involved:

Complete the BPF’s survey, aimed at mapping existing initiatives and
research in the field of gender and meaningful Internet access.


Join an in-person or virtual webinar, hosted at various national and
regional IGF meetings.

To learn more about the webinars and other ongoing work, join the BPF’s
mailing list.


BPF on IPv6: Understanding the commercial and economic incentives beneath a
successful IPv6 deployment

“Why adopt IPv6?” and how IPv6 Task Forces and capacity building
initiatives play in encouraging IPv6 adoption was at length discussed by
the 2015 BPF on IPv6. However, the decision to adopt IPv6 is not only a
technical one. Building upon last year’s work, this year’s BPF IPv6 will
focus on the  economic incentives and commercial drivers behind the
decision to adopt IPv6.

The BPF wants to reach out to organisations which have commercially
deployed IPv6 and willing to share their experiences.

If you want to contribute, assist in reaching out to the commercial and
business community, take part in the brainstorming and help to shape the
2016 BPF outcome document you can join the “bp_ipv6” mailing list and
participate in the regular virtual meetings.

Subscribe to the BPF IPv6 mailing list and keep track of the BPF’s progress
at http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/best-practice-forums/bpf-ipv6

BPF on Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)

The 2016 BPF on IXPs is currently finetuning its scope and goals and wants
to target relevant decision makers in the policy, business and regulatory
environments. It was felt that after last year’s focus on creating and
setting up IXPs and identifying an IXP’s stakeholders, it would be natural
for this year’s BPF to focus on growing and further developing an IXP.
IXPs can play a substantive role in achieving the UN Sustainable
Development Goals by in enabling access and contributing to an inclusive
and sustainable growth in their geographic area.

The BPF on IXPs is seeking to widen its group of contributors and obtain
best practices and lessons learned from different stakeholders and
organisations, different geographic regions and form individual IXPs.

To join the discussions and to contribute one should subscribe to the
mailing list and take part in BPF’s virtual meetings.

All information on the BPF on IXPs can be found at

BPF on Cybersecurity:

Reviewing the outcomes of both the IGF Spam and CSIRT Best Practices Forums
over the last two years, there was an emerging consensus from the community
that the 2016 cybersecurity BPF would most benefit from addressing
cooperation and collaboration between stakeholder groups as a topic. The
community has expressed that all stakeholders may benefit from having a
multi-stakeholder discussion, including each of the major IGF stakeholder
groups, on how to engage and communicate with each other on cybersecurity
issues. There is also a feeling that this would be uniquely fit for an IGF

Currently, the BPF on Cybersecurity is conducting an open call for
inputs/contributions to gather initial inputs from the community which will
subsequently form the basis for the group’s output documentation. All are
invited to contribute to this call for contributions.

Sign-Up to Participate in the 2016 BPF on Cybersecurity and Contribute on
the Mailing List:


BPF on Anti-Corruption

Work on the new IGF BPF on Anti-Corruption is underway, to learn more, sign
up to the dedicated mailing list:



IGF Secretariat
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