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Grande Mawaki, tudo bem contigo?

CGI.br is a commission created in 1995 by the federal government. Since
2003 it became truly multistakeholder as its majority of non-government
members is elected by their consituencies. The attributions of CGI.br
can be seen in detail in this 2003 decree (in Portuguese):


You of course can read it, but most other people in this list can't, so
here is an English summary of CG's structure and mission:


This goes far beyond managing ".br" names and IP numbers -- which CGI.br
actually does not manage by itself; it supervises the actual work of
NIC.br, the non-profit NGO which runs all services, resources and
projects related to CGI.br's mandate.

The Brazilian chapter of ISOC was born much later, after a protracted
process initiated in the late 90's. It is still a minimalist
organization, with practically no resources, basically participating in
events and running an internal discussions collective on Internet and IT
issues -- now with more than 1,100 members, nearly all non-paying, and
less than 5% actually participating somehow.

About Barão de Itararé (the journalist and pioneer political humorist in
Brazil), since you read Portuguese, see:


We are so sorry he is not alive during these times of political turmoil
and prevalence of incredible gangsterism in politics in the country. He
would be so overwhelmed with prime material...

Hope this helps. :-)

fraternal regards


On 08/07/2016 01:24, Mawaki Chango wrote:
> Dear Carlos,
> Thank you for keeping us informed about this. I understand the topic here
> is to harness support for this letter but I have two questions, if you
> don't mind.
> I'm assuming there's an ISOC chapter in Brazil and wanted to inquire:
> Beyond the allocation of IP addresses and name registration in the ".br"
> domain (coordinated by CGI.br), how is their work distinct from, and how
> does it overlap with, the work of CGI.br? What is the scope and content of
> your relationship?
> My second question is just a detail. Among the signatories I see "Barão de
> Itararé". Is it really that or a typo for Barão de Itacaré?
> Thanks again, and best regards.
> Mawaki
> On Friday, June 24, 2016, Carlos Afonso <ca at cafonso.ca> wrote:
>> [sorry for possible duplicates]
>> Note: given the recent transition in the Brazilian federal government
>> and the political uncertainties involved, a group of civil society and
>> academic organizations has produced this public declaration in defense
>> of the multistakeholder nature of CGI.br and its attributions.
>> 24-6-2016
>> The Internet Steering Committe of Brazil, CGI.br, a multistakeholder
>> commission, has a crucial mission in the development of the Internet in
>> Brazil. In particular, CGI.br supervises the actions of NIC.br - a
>> non-profit private civil society organizationm in charge of carrying out
>> the management of all activities derived from policies defined by the
>> Committee. Decree Number 4829, of September, 2003, describes
>> attributions of CGI.br, which include:
>> - proposing policies and procedures regarding the regulation of Internet
>> activities;
>> - recommending standards for technical and operational procedures for
>> the Internet in Brazil;
>> - establishing strategic directives related to the use and development
>> of the Internet in Brazil;
>> - promoting studies and technical standards for network and service
>> security in the country;
>> - coordinating the allocation of Internet addresses (IPs) in Brazil and
>> registration in the ".br" domain;
>> - collecting, organizing and disseminating information on Internet
>> services, including indicators and statistics;
>> - be represented in national and international technical forums related
>> to the Internet;
>> - to adopt administrative and operational procedures so that Internet
>> governance in Brazil follows internationally accepted standards,
>> enabling it to celebrate agreements and partnerships.
>> These activities, fully funded by private income derived from
>> distribution of domain names and IP numbers, are essential for the
>> operation and development of the Internet in Brazil. These attributions
>> are being carried out in a multistakeholder approach, with participation
>> of civil society, academia, technical community, private sector and
>> government.
>> This pluralist feature has been the basis for the charter of principles
>> which is at the origin of the Brazilian Civil Rights Framework for the
>> Internet ("Marco Civil da Internet"). The success of this pluralist
>> practice has turned CGI.br into a worldwide reference on Internet
>> governance, considering that since its creation in 1995, and even in the
>> preparation of the Decree of 2003, any change in its structure and
>> operation has been preceded by broad consultations with society,
>> including significant participation of civil society and academic
>> organizations.
>> In order to protect the stability, security and quality of the work
>> which has been and continues to be carried out and developed by the
>> Committee, the undersigned organizations affirm the centrality of CGI.br
>> to develop activities absolutely vital for the Internet of today and
>> tomorrow in the country, stressing the importance of preserving the
>> above attributions, as well as the pluralist, multissectorial nature of
>> CGI.br.
>> Actantes
>> Artigo 19
>> Barão de Itararé
>> Coding Rights
>> Colab-USP
>> Coletivo Digital
>> Ibase
>> Ibidem
>> InternetLab
>> Instituto Bem Estar Brasil
>> Intervozes
>> ITSRio
>> Lavits
>> Medialab.UFRJ
>> Nupef
>> ProTeste
>> Safernet Brasil
>> --
>> Carlos A. Afonso
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>> [emails are personal unless explicitly indicated otherwise]
>> Instituto Nupef - https://nupef.org.br
>> CGI.br - http://cgi.br
>> ISOC-BR - https://isoc.org.br
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Carlos A. Afonso
[emails são pessoais exceto quando explicitamente indicado em contrário]
[emails are personal unless explicitly indicated otherwise]

Instituto Nupef - https://nupef.org.br
CGI.br - http://cgi.br
ISOC-BR - https://isoc.org.br

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