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Dear Willi,
It seems there is a convergence on simple concepts :

  "global thinking, local doing"
  "knowledge is always world heritage".

I will add :

- the internet is us, the catenet is our 
machines, the intersem our our relations.
- Hubert Zimmermann (+) : "the network is the computer"
- Louis Pouzin : "the network is the networks"
- Aristote : architectonics is the disciplines of 
basics and the science of politics, the art of 
which is to lead free people (we now have 
interconnected through the bots' cantonade).

NB. However "cantonade" (both sides of the stage) 
is the best existing word to describe the 
ubiquist digital facilitation - aside of the 
ancient Greek plays' "choir", I have not found an English equivalent term.


At 19:16 23/09/2015, willi uebelherr wrote:
>Internet Ungovernance Forum Brazil
>6th FOSS International Workshop
>Dear friends of free technology in Cuba,
>your visons are also our visions. We need the free technology as a
>global network of all people on our planet. Free to use. Free to
>participate. For all people, if they want.
>Based on this principles we come to our basics: "global thinking, local
>doing" and "knowledge is always world heritage".
>For that we need our real and free Internet, the interconnection of
>local networks. And this is a task of the people in her local
>environment. Not of private and/or state organisations and insitutions.
>In November there is the second Internet Ungovernance Forum (IUF) in
>Joao Pessoa in Brasil. Parallel to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF).
>We have to discuss the principles of the real 
>InterNet without the needs for Governance.
>I hope, that our friends in Brasil find a way for participate for all
>people in every region on our planet with audio or video streaming. And
>it would be fantastic, if our friends from Cuba can participate on this
>most important forum to the Internet in this year.
>many greetings, willi
>Macapa, Brasil
>Foro de Desgobierno de la Internet Brasil
>VI Taller Internacional de Tecnologías de Software Libre y Código Abierto
>QueridAs amigAs de la tecnología libre en Cuba,
>sus visiones son también nuestras visiones. Necesitamos la tecnología
>libre como una red global de todas las personas en nuestro planeta.
>Libre para uso. Libre para participar. Para todas las personas, si quieren.
>Sobre la base de estos principios llegamos a nuestros fundamentos:
>"Pensamiento global, activar local" y "el conocimiento es siempre
>patrimonio del mundo".
>Para eso necesitamos nuestro Internet real y libre, la interconexión de
>las redes locales. Y esta es una tarea de las personas en su entorno
>local. No es una tarea de las organizaciones e instituciones privadas
>y/o estatales.
>En noviembre se encuentra el segundo Foro de Desgobierno de la Internet
>(Internet Ungovernance Forum IUF) en Joao Pessoa en Brasil. Paralelo al
>Foro de Gobernanza de Internet (Internet Governance Forum IGF). Tenemos
>que discutir los principios de la verdadera 
>Internet sin la necesidad de gobernanza.
>Espero que nuestros amigos de Brasil encontrar 
>un camino para participar de todas las personas 
>en todas las regiones de nuestro planeta con el 
>streaming de audio o vídeo. Y sería 
>fantástico, si nuestros amigos de Cuba pueden 
>participar en este mas importante foro de Internet en este año.
>muchos saludos, willi
>Macapa, Brasil
>discuss mailing list
>discuss at 0net.org

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