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Thomas Lowenhaupt toml at communisphere.com
Mon Sep 14 23:46:40 EDT 2015

CityLimits.org  post /"City Must Use .NYC to Create a Real Civic Commons 
about using elements of the .nyc TLD to improve local democracy. Post 
discusses how a civic commons is to be developed and governed. It's a 10 
minute read. Here's a part:

    Here's what needs to happen: City Hall must reopen public access to
    .nyc’s planning and development processes. It should adopt a
    multi-stakeholder governance model and engage academia, business,
    civic society, government, residents and the technical community in
    an open and transparent planning process. This should be followed by
    the following:

      * *Autonomy: *City Hall must not micromanage the commons. While
        the operating contract with ICANN (the global entity that
        awarded .nyc to city hall) puts ultimate responsibility of .nyc
        in City Hall, the stakeholder communities for the various spaces
        (domain names) must have rulemaking and management authority,
        within our system of laws. Few will trust a search.nyc if it's
        operated by City Hall.
      * *Engagement:* All New Yorkers should be invited into the
        planning processes. A supportive organizational structure and
        staff should empower meaningful participation.
      * *Promotion: *Getting the word out in New York City can be an
        enormously expensive and difficult proposition. Success here
        will only arrive if City Hall promotes the commons with the same
        vigor and persistence used for 311, 911, and nyc.gov. As a
        symbol of support it should commit, with great hoopla, to moving
        the city government's website from nyc.gov to gov.nyc.
      * *Resources: * The sale of domain names is generating a surplus
        with 40 percent of the wholesale price of domain names coming to
        the city. These funds should be sufficient to support the
        development of the commons and should be channeled to a Commons
        Development Authority to facilitate implementation. Should
        additional funds be necessary, the Authority should be empowered
        to facilitate their acquisition.

Comments and sharing appreciated.

Tom Lowenhaupt
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