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the heads of states of the five BRICS Countries have just finished their summit in the Russian City of Ufa. 

They adopted a 50 pages declaration which includes (as the Forteleza Declaration in Brazil in 2014) also two long paragraphs related to Internet. There are more good than bad news in the document. And pobably one have to read the document by recognizing what is NOT in the adopted language: There is only little use of terminology like "Internet Governance" or "multistakeholderism". They do not mention ICANN or IANA or the IGF or the NetMundial conference. The used terminology is "ICT", the main subject is "security". 

The key Internet paras 33.4 - 33.6 say:

33.4 We consider that the Internet is a global resource and that states should participate on equal footing in its evaluation and funtioning, taking into account the need to involve relevant stakeholders in their respective roles and responsibilities." And they add in the sama para: "We are in favour of an open, non-fragmented and secure Internet. We uphold the roles and responsibilities of national governments in regard to regulation anf security of the ntwork." 

33.5 acknolwledges the need "to promote, among others, the principles of multilateralism, democracy, transparency and mutual trust and stand for the universally agreed rules of conduct with regard to the network. It is necessary to ensure that the UN plays a fascilitating role in setting up international policies pertaining to the Internet.

33.5 We support the evolution of the Internet governance ecosystem, which should be based on an open and democratic process, free from the influence of any unilateral considerations."

The other para 35 deals mainly with security questions. In 35.1 the heads of state recognize "the need for a universal regulatory binding instrument on combating the criminal use of ICTs under the UN auspieces. 

In 35.2  they reaffirm the "key role of the UN" in adressing Internet related security issues. 

The have also re-established the BRICS Working Group of experts on security in the use of ICTs. This Group will enhance cooperation among BRICS countries, including collaboration among existing CSIRTS.

Would be good to know why they did not mention IANA Transition, IGF and WSIS 10+



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