[governance] [bestbits] Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba, elected co-chairman of Global Internet Governance Alliance

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On Thursday 02 July 2015 04:04 AM, Lorena Jaume-Palasi wrote:
> http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2015-07/01/c_134373596.htm
> SAO PAULO, June 30 (Xinhua) -- Jack Ma, founder of China's ecommerce
> giant Alibaba, was elected co-chairman of the Global Internet
> Governance Alliance (GIGA) at the first general meeting of GIGA
> council held here Tuesday.
> "This election signifies trust in China's Internet, and how China
> governs its Internet," said Ma.

Very interesting!

Just jogging my memory but wasnt China's Internet related attitude the
original reason for so much opposition to UN based IG system. But one
reckons it is always all right when you come, as they say in India,
suited-booted, and are the rich and the elite. A clear proof that anti
UN attacks were not against 'dangers to Internet freedom' but against
people and democracy . Against the latter taking control of how the
Internet and its associated digital technologies will evolve. The
powerful are always ready to make deals with other powerful and that was
always what the MetMundial Initiative was about.

It is the worst thing to happen to the global IG scene ever. A complete
and largely formal take over of global IG by the elite - political as
well as economic. A largely transparent cooptation in the IG arena of
the elite from the developing countries by that of the developed ones.
This potent allaince is going to be much harder to fight than just the
Northern elite.

The only more unfortunate thing has been that a large party of civil
society, especially its so called leaders, have merrily gone along, god
knows for what.

> The meeting was set to discuss key issues related to international
> cooperation on Internet governance while highlighting China's role.
> Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff had called for a just and equal
> global Internet environment and regarded China as the "key factor to
> the success of global Internet governance," said Fadi Chehade,
> president of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
> (ICANN).
> Rousseff had suggested he find Chinese partners for cooperation,
> Chehade said.
> To establish a multiple-stakeholder platform, Chehade said that
> dialogues among different partners should be improved, the platform
> should be transparent and just, and all stakeholders should be able to
> equally participate in global Internet governance.

And of course the customary multistakeholder blabber to go with it - the
increasingly worn out and crumbling fig leaf.


> GIGA is co-sponsored by ICANN, the Brazilian Internet Steering
> Committee and the World Economic Forum to provide a platform for the
> discussion of Internet governance solutions.
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