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Sorry, something was left out of the last sentence...


Anriette (and NNena),

I may have missed it but while the Hague meeting covers a range of topics
including some new ones I don't see anywhere where there is a discussion of
the social justice aspects or consequences of the Internet (apart from the
pro forma repetition of referencing to the "Digital Divide" and "access").
Equally and regrettably this can also be said for all of the other events
that you point to in your note below--NetMundial, NMI, etc.etc.

Accelerating income inequality, Internet supported loss of "good jobs", the
mad rush to the bottom in a range of employment areas which are shifting to
the global Internet platforms, the loss of health and safety protections in
the newly emerging forms of employment contracting, tax dodging, and so on
and so on all need to be addressed by global forums such as these and as a
matter of escalating urgency.

Equally, I would like to see some questioning of the prioritization of
"capacity building".  Admittedly, "capacity building" is of considerable
value and utility in areas with a very high technical component.  However,
the use of this model -- with a highly skewed and selected group of
instructors and a very narrow and uncritical selections of topics and
reading resources is in practice little more than a form of ideological
indoctrination, including I should and regrettably say as being executed by
Civil Society organizations along with others.

Good policy, policy analysis and policy development comes from a deep and
widely informed reflection on a range of issues and perspectives and having
a critical approach and understanding of the issues and their broad
socio-political and economic contexts (much beyond that which is being
presented by the current Internet policy establishment). An "open" and
critical approach to policy analysis and development is of absolute
necessity if the interests of the broad range of nations and populations in
the world and particularly those for whom CS has traditionally been
representative, are to be adequately accounted for.


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Dear all

I am on a panel on the last day of the event on Internet Governance. I will
definitely raise the issue of how important it is to work with the existing
intergovernmental system and the UN system.

As I have said previously, the multistakeholder approach should be a way of
building more inclusion and democracy into internet governance and serve as
a mechanism for engaging governments rather than bypassing governments.

Other thoughts from you would be helpful, and I will pick up on Nnenna's
opening statement.

The panel outline:

Parallel Session : Internet governance - Global Cooperation for a
Sustainable Future

Internet governance impacts on the three themes of GCCS2015: freedom,
security and growth.
This session will focus on five key interrelated initiatives and events
which are paving the way forward for the Internet governance ecosystem:

    the NETmundial multistakeholder statement on Internet governance
principles and the roadmap for the future evolution of Internet governance;
    the IANA Stewardship Transition to the global Internet community of the
coordination and management of the Internet domain name system (DNS) and
enhancement of ICANN's accountability;
    the Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG);
    the NETmundial Initiative;
    the UN General Assembly High Level Event in December 2015 on the review
of the implementation of the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information
Society (WSIS) (2003-2005) as well as on the renewal of the mandate of the
Internet Governance Forum (IGF)



On 13/04/2015 09:36, Richard Hill wrote:
> Dear Nenna,
> Thank you for this. I had strongly supported Parminder's statement
regarding why shun the UN, so it is not just him calling for that.
> I would encourage you to make that point in your four-minute 
> statement,
and in fact I think that it should be added to the consolidated input from
civil society.
> Thanks again and best,
> Richard
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> for GCCS - apologies for short time frame
>   Many thanks, Ian
>   This will come in handy in developing a 4-minute keynote.  I Will 
> see
how many of the key pints I can incorporate. have been further informed that
keynote speakers are to keep to specific themes and mine will be "bridging
the digital divide; freedom and privacy online".
>   Granted, it will be important to stress the respect of human rights 
> and
all of that, but I am convinced that the Parminder question of "why are you
shying away from more democratic UN-led instances?" on the process may still
need to be asked.  From the suggestion from organisers, Fadi Chehade will be
the one speaking on "Internet Governance"
>   Still listening here
>   N
>   On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 7:41 PM, Ian Peter <ian.peter at ianpeter.com>
>     >Thanks Ian. Is this available online anywhere? 
>     Probably not Anne, although I suspect the Chair's statement when 
> finalised will be at https://www.gccs2015.com/
>     But this is a conference emanating from meetings of mostly foreign
ministries from various governments, which is including civil society and
trying to be "multistakeholder" for the first time. But this does not (yet)
extend to transparent open processes where we will get to see other inputs
to a Chairs Statement, let alone have a chance to discuss such inputs across
stakeholder groups. Maybe next time...
>     Ian
>     From: Anne Jellema 
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> apologies for short time frame
>     Thanks Ian. Is this available online anywhere? 
>     Best
>     Anne
>     On Sat, Apr 11, 2015 at 2:30 AM, Ian Peter 
> <ian.peter at ianpeter.com>
>       Thanks to everyone (about 40 people)  who responded to this with
comments and suggestions.
>       I am attaching the letter which was sent a few hours ago to the
Dutch organisers, with consolidated CS inputs. Our understanding of the
process is that a new draft of the Chairs statement, taking into account the
various inputs, will be issued just before the conference next week. However
at that stage there will be no more new inputs to text, but rather
discussion limited to red line text.
>       This ended up being a very rushed process, as we were advised 
> with
48 hours of a new deadline for us to submit our suggestions. Compiling about
40 sets of comments at short notice into one document was difficult, and
left very little time for a small group to produce a consolidated text and
submit it. Apologies for not being able to consult wider on this, but we
trust that the document submitted covers the range of suggestions and
viewpoints submitted. It will be interesting to see which of our suggestions
make it through to the final statement!
>       Ian Peter
>       From: Ian Peter 
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> ;
forum at justnetcoalition.org 
>       Subject: CS input to Chairs Statement for GCCS - apologies for 
> short time frame
>       Dear friends,
>       [Apologies for cross-posting]
>       Below is a statement requesting your input into formulating the
civil society response to the Chair's statement for GCCS 2015. Apologies for
very short comments period, but the draft was only released for our wider
input in last 24 hours, and we need to submit a consolidated CS response
after getting your input. There will be another (again short) opportunity to
comment on the consolidated response as per message below.
>       Governments and business interests will also be responding to 
> the
text separately in the same time frame, so we can expect changes. There are
some (surprisingly) good sections of the text  currently (IMHO) that we need
to argue to retain, plus plenty where we can suggest improvements. But
please input within the time frame either by the form or the email address
>       We would like to bring to your attention the call for civil 
> society
input on the outcome document for the Global Conference on Cyberspace 2015
(GCCS 2015), hosted by the government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and
taking place in The Hague on 16 and 17 April 2015. 
>       Following on from the London (2011), Budapest (2012), and Seoul
(2013) Conferences - a series also known as the London Process, the 2015
event in The Hague will provide an opportunity for further high-level
discussion of key cyberspace issues, structured around the three main themes
of Freedom, Security and Growth. The Conference will be a stock-taking
event, assessing the current global situation and mapping out the challenges
and opportunities that lie ahead. By engaging governments, business,
academia and civil society participants at the Conference, the organisers
hope to find practical solutions to real and urgent challenges, and to
progress the agenda of a free, open and secure internet. 
>       Based on the assumption that all those who have a stake in
cyberspace should be able to express their views and participate in a
meaningful way, this year, the organisers are putting particular emphasis on
facilitating multistakeholder engagement in the Conference. As part of an
effort to achieve this, the Conference organisers are interested in getting
Civil Society input on the draft outcome document of the Conference (The
Chair's Statement).
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>       Ian Peter
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