[governance] [govenance] The domain name racket goes on

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Fri Sep 26 06:59:26 EDT 2014

On Monday 22 September 2014 09:39 PM, Milton L Mueller wrote:
> Parminder:
> How would you know? You’ve never been to any of these meetings and 
> don’t track the processes.

Neither have I been to any ITU meeting. So since you are laying down the 
rules regarding who can speak about IG processes and who cannot, you may 
want to be more precise and tell me how many meetings of any IG forum 
one must attend before one can comment on it.

As for following these meetings, the problem is not so much about other 
people not following what is happening at ICANN (which deliberately 
makes things difficult to follow which is one of their main strategies 
of protecting and perpetuating themselves) , but those who go to ICANN 
not following what is happening in the real world. This is why they can 
cause such serious blunders as evident in the new gTLD implementation 
where new forms of private regulatory mechanisms are being set up in 
very partisan ways - like the one which will regulate the use of .health 
gtld, and generic words belonging to the whole English speaking 
community are allowed to be privatized in their domain name version like 
.book and .beauty.... To think that most people of the world want such 
things is preposterous, but those involved with ICANN can make 
themselves believe that this is indeed so. Get out of your insularity 
please. There is a real world out there. And you are hurting its interests.

> What has become of ICANN is best represented in the email of 
> resignation 
> (http://mailman.apnic.net/mailing-lists/sig-policy/archive/2014/09/msg00049.html 
> ) from the chair of one of  APNIC's policy groups which is linked 
> below. What has been said of APNIC is just many more times truer of 
> ICANN.... It is just that ICANN supported and fed groups are simply 
> not willing enough to speak about the emperor's clothes. But the 
> charade cannot go on forever, and once it is behind us many involved 
> people will look really bad.

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