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It would make sense to start a process which could lead to a re-vival of the CS structures from WSIS (2002 - 2005 with a plenary, Bureau, Content & Themes and WGs)with a view to coordinate CS involvement in the preparation for IGF 2015, UNCSTD and WSIS 10+ in December 2015 in New York. The new "CS Group of CS Groups" is a good start. To get recognized by other stakeholders, in  particular by governments, we need a working structure which is open, transparent, inclusive and allows a bottom PDP which leads to serious statements on concrete issues. If needed, smaller issue based CS working groups could be established. BTW, what role CONGO (the UN NGO Network) is playing today? They could be helpful in NY.


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> Hi Bill, 
> Thanks for sharing this information. Having a hand-over/induction process to
> the newbies by incumbent CS members sounds like a great idea.

So far, people on the MAG seem to be supporting it, and Chengetai has said he will look into the availability of extra rooms.
> If this
> doesn't happen at the December meeting, it could be set up online
> independently. It might also be worth considering setting up a more
> long-term mechanism to ensure continuity and knowledge-transfer, through an
> advisory group of ex civil society MAG members or something similar.

Good ideas if someone wants to put the energy into it..we've got ten years of CS @ MAG and no readily accessible institutional memory.
> Regardless of the new reps, do you know if there will be a way for the
> broader community to shape the agenda of the December meeting? 

Normally this is a pretty standard format event, I don't recall that there was ever much bottom up input but others can correct me.  Doubt it was said they'd not accept some. Either way, we could start.  If for example there was a broad-based CS letter saying that part of the time should be set aside for a serious discussion of the NETmundial mandate and otherwise strengthening the IGF (WGIGF etc), and we could point the Chair, Secretariat, and MAG to this and say hey there's community desire to talk about this, one suspects they would not ignore the request.  But absent anyone calling for something different, it could default to the somewhat sleepy "review of the meeting" format in which people bounce around on how many workshops and main sessions and speakers per etc.


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> Hi
> The IGF secretariat has announced that we will be Open Consultations and MAG
> meetings at the International Telecom Union (!) in Geneva on 1-3 December
> 2014.  This could be an important meeting from the standpoint of advancing
> civil society objectives for the IGF, in particular laying a foundation for
> follow up to the NETmundial mandate to strengthen the IGF.  If the meetings
> turn into another one of those occassions where we just sit around talking
> about "what worked and what did not" in Istanbul (e.g. complaining about the
> wifi, the number of panelists on main sessions, how many workshops, etc.) it
> will be a missed opportunity to put us on a good path to the November 2015
> meeting in Brazil.  Hopefully the new MAG members will have been announced
> in advance and will be able to attend.
> Hotels could be expensive at that time of year so anyone thinking of coming
> might want to start looking into options now.  There should be some bits of
> financial support for MAG members from Least Developed Countries (LDC's),
> Developing Countries, and Transitional Economies.  Others will have to find
> their own way.
> I would again reiterate that it is really important to get a top notch civil
> society contingent in place that can work together and be strategic.
> Nominations are due 20 October, via the IGF website.
> I have proposed that if indeed new members are seated by then and able to
> come, there should be break-out sessions for each stakeholder group so that
> we can do some in-depth consultation and transfer of local knowledge and
> experience.  Don't know if the proposal will gain traction, but I believe
> the civil society group would really benefit from something like this.
> Best
> Bill
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