[bestbits] [governance] Call for making the IGF permanent

Lee W McKnight lmcknigh at syr.edu
Thu Sep 4 09:10:02 EDT 2014

Please, I was suggesting UNGA kick IGF around every 10 years, not every 5 ; )

As 5 is old news and no 'concession' from anyone, I do not see that as a plausible fallback. So recognizing 10 is what "UN GA would do that for us" is a bad strategy because??

Seems like an opportunity to simultaneously make additional demands on transparency and accountability. Of course, as ICANN has just taught us yet again, not all transparency and accountability processes were created equal, so details will matter. But in any case 10 with (some more) accountability and transparency is  better than infinite without.


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Split the difference.

Everyone agrees/calls for a ten year planning horizon for UN participation in IGF;

The UN GA would do that for us, so why would do it and disarm at the front end?  As for 10, you get 5.   That's the point of asking for a permanent mandate, so when there's push back and control agendas and conditions being proposed and tactical linkages being made to residual intergovernmental enhanced cooperation plays in exchange for a five year extension we can negotiate to a higher middle ground of ten.

Why anyone would think that keeping the UNGA in a position of being able to kick the IGF around every five years and the DESA in a position to micromanage based on institutional weakness is a path to some higher level of accountability is really beyond me.

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