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This suggestion was made this morning. I am passing it on to the list for
comment. This needs an URGENT response.
Thank you

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Subject: [bestbits] Call for making the IGF permanent
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Hi all,

at the BB meeting yesterday we discussed the idea of a BB statement that
would ask the UN to make the IGF a permanent body instead of  renewing its
mandate for another limited term of 5 or 10 years.
This idea found broad support among the attendees of the BB meeting.

Later on I discussed the content of such a statement with other
stakeholders at the IGF and I got the impression that we might be able to
draft a cross-stakeholder statement together with the technical community
and the private sector. (Individual governments support such a statement
too but I am not sure it would be possible within the few days available to
coordiante enough signatures by governments to make this an all inclusive

Right now, a multi-stakeholder statement coming out of this IGF is only an
idea that needs further exploration within the respective groups. So, with
this email to the bb list and the IGC list I am asking for your opinions to
find out if such a cross-stakeholder statement would find support in civil


P.S. Lately, I have been unable to post to the IGC list. If this email does
not appear on the IGC list, would someone be so kind to forward it?

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