[governance] FW: [IP] ] Sony leaks reveal Hollywood is trying to break DNS, the backbone of the internet

Barry Shein bzs at world.std.com
Sat Dec 20 13:27:44 EST 2014

Digital media companies need a better plan than trying to outlaw
cassette tapes or whatever is their current obsession.

It hasn't worked in the past.

There's also a certain disingenuousness involved in the supposed

For example if I buy a DVD and watch it with a friend have I cut their
royalties in half? How about two friends? Three friends? Three friends
loses them 75% of their potential royalties versus each of us having
to purchase our own copy.

They need to come up with realistic business models rather than trying
to shore up their old business models with billions of dollars in free
law enforcement subsidies.

There's no (or little) argument that large-scale infringement is
criminal and also subject to civil penalty. If their argument is that
it's not worth their while to pursue every infringer then why is it
worth our while?

Put another way, let us counter-propose that any such court order
should cost them US$1M per each. Surely if they can't rationalize $1M
in harm from a site then why should we spend probably $1M taking it
down? We can quibble the exact price but it should be some similar

There is a myth that law enforcement should be freely dispensed based
only on the strength and emotional attraction of the moral
argument. It is a huge source of corporate welfare burdened by
taxpayers and any social goods the money might better be spent on.

        -Barry Shein

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