[governance] Invitation to participate in developing the Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability

Jeremy Malcolm jmalcolm at eff.org
Tue Dec 2 14:27:45 EST 2014

On behalf of the steering committee of the Manila Principles project,
participants on this list are invited to join us as we develop the
Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability, which we are aiming to
launch at an event on 22-23 March in Manila, ahead of RightsCon 2015
Southeast Asia.

The Manila Principles will be a best practices framework and set of
baseline safeguards  for regulators and intermediaries to consider when
developing, adopting, and reviewing legislation, policies and practices
that extend liability to intermediaries for online third party content.
Their objective is to promote the development of more principled,
interoperable, and harmonized liability regimes that can promote users'
rights and innovation.

The steering committee of the project which has developed an initial
draft for discussion is a small but geographically diverse group
including Centre for Internet and Society (India), Electronic Frontier
Foundation (EFF) (USA), Article 19 (UK and global), AsociaciĆ³n por los
Derechos Civiles (ADC) (Argentina), Derechos Digitales (Chile), KICTANET
(Kenya), and OpenNet Korea.

The outputs of their initial preparatory work consist of a short
document containing the draft principles themselves, and a longer
background paper which explains the rationale behind them and includes
references to previous work on this topic.   PDF, Word and OpenDocument
versions are available on request, and Google Docs links to both, where
you can add comments, are found here:

  * https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kAkqgt3cRb65d8ik6vWYgpk6DYpP8ABA43ljgDiGOf8/edit#heading=h.9kpzf1ul1zfg
    (the Manila Principles)
  * https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QfxH1jX_ewfB8TV5iQBSloyttjwaMP47nwblMzN4Hg4/edit#heading=h.tqnj2pprtelu
    (the Background Paper)

We would be very grateful if you could find the time to attend an
initial web conference to discuss the project, and to offer your
comments on the drafts over the next three months leading up to the
meeting in Manila. We also hope that you may be interested in
participating in that meeting, the agenda for which remains open. Some
travel support may be offered to selected participants.

If you are interested in participating - and we hope you are - please
respond to this survey, which will enable us to ensure that you are
included in the ongoing discussions and receive a link to participate in
the web conference:


Even if you cannot attend the web conference, but are interested in
contributing to the development of the principles online, you should
still complete the poll by selecting "Cannot make it" and confirming
your email address, so that we can add you to the working group which
will be finalising the text.  Our aim is to have received all comments
on the text by mid-February 2015, to leave time to integrate them all.

Please also feel free to forward this message to any colleagues whom you
think may also be interested in participating.  Although the draft text
is certainly not "top secret", we suggest that you refraining from
publishing the principles, tweeting, blogging etc until the final draft
is published, to minimise confusion about whether they have already been

Many thanks, and we look forward to working with you as we jointly
develop and launch the Manila Principles on Intermediary Liability.

Jeremy Malcolm
Senior Global Policy Analyst
Electronic Frontier Foundation
jmalcolm at eff.org

Tel: 415.436.9333 ext 161

:: Defending Your Rights in the Digital World ::

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