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parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Tue Dec 2 02:01:45 EST 2014

On Tuesday 02 December 2014 12:17 PM, Avri Doria wrote:
> On 02-Dec-14 07:38, parminder wrote:
>> Neoliberalism is defined as the application of market principles to 
>> everything, including those areas in which such principles are not 
>> normally applied. The above is a perfect case of the application of 
>> market principles to governance, as I said , the pristine neoliberal 
>> governance model.
> You may feel it is your privilege to villify others by tarring and 
> feathering them with the vile label of neoliberalism sometimes and 
> imperialism at other times.

See, here precisely lies the problem. I did nothing other than 
analytically describe the affinity of a particular case in point, the NM 
Initiative, and the CS support to it, with a theoritical model called 
neoliberalism. Now, it is possible to point to deficiency in my equation 
or argument, but call it vilification!!! One could reject that the NMI 
and CS support for it does not further neoliberal model of governance, 
or, as Milton does, own up the neoliberal model of Internet governance, 
but I do not really see the vilification here. And again I associated 
the term with a particular model and a set of political actions around 
it,  and not to any individual behaviour for it to be called as 
vilification. In fact this whole thread begun with wrongly labelling 
political criticism as vilification. Such personalisation of a political 
dialogue takes us nowhere, and makes it difficult to continue with it.


> I accept that you do so, yet I reject the label you apply to me.
> I generally do not support market principles, but rather believe in 
> the tussle among those with different set of principles.
> avri
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