[governance] Re: NTIA says ICANN “does not meet the requirements” for IANA renewal

Carlos A. Afonso ca at cafonso.ca
Sat Mar 10 13:27:22 EST 2012

Yes, maybe, Karl, but they extended the current contract just until 


On 03/10/2012 02:57 PM, Karl Auerbach wrote:
> On 03/10/2012 09:47 AM, Robert Guerra wrote:
>> As the story is - breaking - well, multiple sources are posting further comments and/or analysis of the news.
> Don't forget that NTIA has good reason to delay everything until after
> the US elections that will occur in early November of this year.
> None of the new TLD's will be implemented before that election and NTIA,
> being an agency subject to political winds (and funded by Congress) will
> naturally want to want to wait to for the election results so they can
> turn their decisions to the results of that election.
> (We forget that it is ICANN's decisions about TLDs are not the final
> decision - NTIA is the next step and it must make a yes/no choice before
> it issues the order to Verisign to update the root zone file.  NTIA can
> come under a great deal of bright light, and pressure, at that stage in
> the process.)
> 	--karl--

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