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Google's Eric Schmidt Warns New UN Treaty Will be a Disaster 

Author: Craig Blaha 
Published: March 01, 2012 at 7:02 pm 
The United Nations is considering handing over control of regulation of the
Internet to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), and ZDNET
reports that Eric Schmidt made it clear that this is a bad idea:

"That would be a disaster... To some, the openness and interoperability is
one of the greatest achievements of mankind in our lifetime. Do not give
that up easily. You will regret it. You will hate it, because all of a
sudden all that freedom, all that flexibility, you'll find it shipped away
for one good reason after another," Schmidt said.

"I cannot be more emphatic. Be very, very careful about moves which seem
logical, but have the effect of balkanising the internet," he added, urging
everyone to strongly resist the moves.

The ITU is part of the United Nations and began discussing proposed changes
that would take control from groups that were there at the inception of the
Internet, such as ICANN. The proposals are rumored to be supported by China
and Russia.

Eric Schmidt's comments came from a question and answer period at the Mobile
World Congress 2012 held in Barcelona, focusing on the future of mobile
strategy and technology.

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