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Jacqueline Morris jam at jacquelinemorris.com
Tue Jan 10 11:00:44 EST 2012

Fellow IGC List Members,

The IGC's Nominating Committee (nomcom) has begun its work selecting new
members for the Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG). Our work was
initiated by a letter from Under-Secretary-General Sha Zukang requesting that
we submit the names of potential candidates to the IGF Secretariat by 31
January 2012.** (See

We do apologise for the late start, but the year-end holidays did cause us
some difficulty in communicating. So we will do our best to get everything
sorted in a proper manner in good time.

The MAG's role is to assist the Secretary General in convening the Internet
Governance Forums <http://www.intgovforum.org/cms/magabout/406-mag-2010>.
The Forums site provide an interactive, collaborative space where all
stakeholders can air their views and exchange idea.

The MAG comprises 56 Members from governments, the private sector and civil
society, including representatives from the academic and technical
communities. It holds meetings three times a year at the Palais des Nations
in Geneva and is preceded by open consultations meetings. A list of current
MAG members is found athttp://www.intgovforum.org/cms/magabout/406-mag-2010.

*Request For Nominations*

Please submit nominations – including self-nominations – from which we will
select those to be advanced as IGC's recommendations for MAG membership.
The recommended persons may or may not be IGC members. However, they should
have a civil society identity, and be in broad alignment with positions
both stated in our charter <http://www.igcaucus.org/charter>.

All members of MAG serve in their personal capacity, but are expected to
have extensive linkages with not only their respective stakeholder groups,
but also a wide range of other connections, such as region, gender, and
their local civil society.

Current MAG members are encouraged to re-apply, but in the interests of
diversity, we would like to limit to those who have already served 2
consecutive terms.

   - In nominating someone else please obtain the person’s consent to be on
   the MAG if selected, and to seek IGC’s endorsement for his/her candidature.
   - Each nomination should come with a brief bio. It should mention with
   some clarity the activities and / or positions taken by the person in the
   IG and information society arena.
   - The person should be informed that the details submitted may be
   published even if the nomination is unsuccessful.
   - Please also include a brief write up of why the nominated person will
   be a good CS/ IGC representative on the MAG.
   - Those who are already on the MAG should also briefly mention how they
   carried out their responsibilities in the last term(s), in advocating and
   pushing IGC’s positions as well as the larger CS positions. We would also
   like to hear what they have contributed, what they intend to contribute and
   why they want to continue in the role. Their level and manner of engagement
   with the IGC, and the wider CS constituencies, may also be mentioned.
   - Nominations should also include an assurance that those selected for
   the MAG will maintain close engagement with CS constituencies, including
   and especially the IGC. MAG selectees will be required to keep both CS
   constituencies and the IGC informed about the MAG proceedings and related
   matters, as well as present/ push their positions in the MAG. Nominations
   must be sent to (Jacqueline
Morris<jam at jacquelinemorris.com><jam at jacquelinemorris.com> or to
   the list* *) no later than midnight January 20, 2012 UTC.
   - *It is recommended that nominees be members who have actively
   participated in IGF meetings and activities in the past.*

Remember, we need your nominations by January 20.


Jacqueline A. Morris
NomCom Chair
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